2020 Donor and Tribute List

Thank you to the more than 1,100 donors who contributed to Camps Airy & Louise this year. This list represents all donations into all funds (The Tomorrow Fund, The Awesome Fund, The Capital Campaign) made between November 1, 2019 – October 31, 2020.

Camps Airy & Louise is incredibly appreciative to The Aaron and Lillie Straus Foundation for their unending support, especially as it relates to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Questions? Contact Director of Development, Lauren Perlin at lauren@airylouise.org or 410-843-7340.




Complete Donor List
in Alphabetical Order

Anonymous (32)

Stephen Abraham

The Abrahams Family

Andrea Abrams

The Acker Family

The Acosta Family

Steven Adleberg

Jeff Adler

The Adler Family

Advanced Business Systems

Sharon Agranov

Noam Ahuvia

The Aiken Family

Nancy Aiken

The Akerman Family

The Albaig Family

The Albert Family

The Allan Family

The Alliker Family

The Alper Family

The Alperstein Family

Maxwell Alpert

The Amann Family

The Amlin Family

The Ammann Family

Deborah Apple

The Apple Family

Sharon Apple

The Applebaum Family

Phil Applebaum

Shari Argue

The Arlen Family

Marji and Steve Arnheim

Lisa Aron

Robin Polansky Aronoff

The Aronovich Family

Cynthia Auerbach

The Auerbach Family

Alisa Austin

Philip Austin

Marcie, Howie, and Jordan Axelrod

The Azrieli Family

Jacqueline Babbstein

The Bailen Family

The Baker Family

The Balamaci Family

The Balis Family

The Ballonoff Family

The Barash Family

The Barbieri Family

Hannah Baron

Michael Barnett

The Barron Family

Phyllis A. Bass

Sharon Bassell

The Bawden Family

The Bean Family

The Beck Family

Elizabeth Becker

Hilary Becker

The Becker Family

Carolyn Belgrad

Josh and Amy Belkin

Sarah Beller

The Bender Family

The Benkler Family

Lisa Bennett

The Bennett Family

The Benowitz Family

Allison Berger

Benjamin Berger

Harvey & Fran Berger

The Berger Family

Jessica Berger

Sue Berger

Brian and Heidi (Flax) Berghuis

Lauren Bergman

The Berkowitz Family

Leslie Berkowitz

Sara Berl

Alicia, Neil, Hannah, Marissa, and Ellie Berlin

The Berlin Family

Norma and Rabbi Donald Berlin

Steve and Sherry Berlin

The Berman Family

Jeffrey Berman

Melissa Berman

Jonnice Berns

The Bernstein Family

The Berrellez Family

The Betaharon Family

The Biegel Family

Richard Biller

Scott Black

The Black Family

Lee Blankstein

Frank Blatt

Melanie Blatt

The Block Family

Larry Block

The Blockston Family

Karen Blomberg

Eric and Bets Bloom

The Bloom Family

Daniel Blum

The Blum Family

Natalie Blum

Stephen and Roslyn Blum

Jamie Blume

Daniel S. Blynn

Gail Bober

Kenneth Bokow

The Bolotin Family

Zach Book

The Bonis Family

The Bortner Family

The Bowser Family

The Brant Family

Paula Bragg

The Breeze Family

The Bregman Family

Stephen Breman

Linda and Marc Brenner

April Breslaw

Elliott Bresler

The Bressler Family

The Brin Family

The Britz Family

The Broadway Family

The Brodie Family

The Brodsky Family

Aliya Brodsky

Katie Brodsky

Laura Brodsky

The Brooker Family

Gayle Brooks

Keith Brooks

The Broudy Family

Janet Brown

The Brown Family

Andy, Melissa, Alexandra, and Olivia Brownstein

The Brownstein Family

The Buckner Family

The Buksbaum Family

The Burke Family

Phyllis Butin

The Byrne Family

Rachel Cagan

Camp Louise Circle

Camp Airy Order of the Leaf

Camp Airy Order of the Leaf Campus Chapter

The Camps Family

Larry A. Cantor

The Capasso Family

The Caplan Family

The Cardin Family

Sylvia and Ron Carmel

Marilyn and David Carp

The Carpenter Family

The Carr Family

Carrie Casello

Margot Celano

Ilene and David Chait

The Chait Family

The Chanoff Family

Harriet Charkatz

Neal Charkatz

Shelby Charnoff

The Chartier Family

The Chaskes Family

Sarina Chernock

The Cheskis Family

Alyssa Chircus

The Chmar Family

The Clark Family

Adam and Sarah Clay

The Clay Family

Fran and Bob Clay

Linda & George Clement

The Close Family

The Coelho Family

Andrew and Amanda Coelho

Daniel Coelho

The Cohen Family

Cobi Cohen

Coby Cohen

Jamie Cohen

Jennifer Cohen

The Cohen Family

Michael Cohen

The Collyer Family

The Comoglio Family

Jodi Connolly

The Cook Family

Babette Cooper

The Cooper Family

Sheryl Cooper

The Cooper Family

Jola & Norma Cope

Lee Coplan

Brad Coppel

The Corn Family

The Cortez Family

The Corwin Family

Alix Cramer Coughlin

Elliott Cowan

John and Kathleen Cunningham

Abigail Cutler

Jacob Cutler

The Cutler Family

Larry Cynkin

The Cynkin Family

The Dabbah Family

The Dain Family

Kristi Daly

The Damelin Family

Rachel Damelin

Jonathan D’Ari

Jamie Davidson

The Davis Family

Robin Denick

Peggy DeProphetis

The Deutsch Family

The Dewhurst Family

The Diamond Family

Larry Dickstein

The Diener Family

The Dillinger Family

The Dincin Family

The Dinits Family

The Distler Family

The Dodge Family

The Downey Family

Nikita Downs

Laura Drachler

The Dubensky Family

Marilyn and Barry Dubin

The Duckhorn Family

The Duhan Family

The Dushkin Family

The Dvir Family

The Dworkin Family

Ellen Krents Eanet

The Eber Family

Binnie Edelson

Emily Egert

The Egleston Family

The Eisner Family

The Elgart Family

Alex Elliott

David Elstein

William Engle

Aimee Epstein

Ann Epstein

Howard Epstein

Kenneth Epstein

Marji Epstein

The Ersek Family

Nicole & Chad Eskanazy

Jolene Fabricant

Gabriel Fachler

June Falb

Maya Falb

Jamie Fanaroff

Suzanne Fanaroff

Laurence Fass

The Fass Family

The Faust Family

The Feil Family

The Fishkin Family

The Feinleib Family

Laura Feintech

The Feit Family

Wendy and Brian Feldman

The Feldman Family

The Felrice Family

The Ferrara Family

The Fine Family

The Melvin & Betty Fine Foundation

Joshua Fine

Mark, Kim, Max, and Mallory Fine

Robert and Harriette Fine

Jodee Finestone

The Finkler Family

The Finkelstein Family

Caley Fischer

The Fleck Family

The Fleisher Family

The Fogelson Family

The Forbrich Family

The Forchheimer Family

The Forman Family

Jamie, Josh, Alyssa, and Ryann Forman

The Foster Family

Sue Foster

The Fox Family

David Framm

The Frankford Family

The Frankel Family

Rick Frankle

Dr. Margo Freedberg

The Freedman Family

The Freishtat Family

Gregory and Erin Friedman

Iris Friedman

Katarina Friedman

Robert and Pam Friedman

The Friedman Family

The Frieman Family

Ethan Fruchtman

The Fruman Family

Marc Gaffen

The Galanti Family

Carol and Jack Galvin

Fabiola Garcia

The Gardner Family

The Gedan Family

Deborah Geller

Casey Gendason

The Gensler Family

Jonathan Gerstl and Amy Bram

Karen and Manny Gerton

The Geshekter Family

The Gessel Family

The Gilden Family

Aaron Gillette

The Gilmore Family

Julie Ginns

The Ginsburg Family

The Gitelman Family

The Gitter Family

The Gittleson Family

The Glaser Family

The Glaun Family

The Glick Family

Marty & Emily Glickstein

The Godaire Family

Henri Goettel

The Gofstein Family

The Golan Family

David and Terry Golaner

The Gold Family

The Goldberg Family

Allie Goldberg

Helen Goldberg

Jodie Goldberg

The Goldbloom Family

The Goldman Family

The Goldscheider Family

Eric Goldscher

Jay and Ann Goldscher

The Goldscher Family

Jeff and Kristin Goldscher

Ellen Goldstein Goldstein Fishkin

The Goldstein Family

Russell Goldstein

Debi Sherson Goltz

The Goltz Family

The Gomez Family

The Goozman Family

The Gopstein Family

The Gordon Family

Stephanie Gordon

Steven Gordon

Richard Gorelick

Andra Gorman

Jay Gorman

Elizabeth Gormsen

The Gotthelf Family

The Graber Family

The Graboi Family

Jonathan Grant

Melissa Gray

The Green-Phillips Family

Gabi Green

The Green Family

The Greenberg Family

Michael Greenberg

The Greenstone Family

The Greenstreet Family

Elizabeth Gross

The Grossman Family

Howard Grossman

Patricia Grossman

Sharon, Harvey, Steven & Hailey Grutman

The Harkavy Family

The Hogan Family

The Hahn Family

Cindy Hallberlin

The Halper Family

The Hamm Family

The Hammerman Family

The Hance Family

The Haroun Family

The Harper Family

Jim and Jamie Harper

The Harris Family

Adam Harsha

The Hartman Family

The Hawtof Family

The Hazan Family

Robert Hearn

The Hebbel Family

Laurence Hefter

The Heimer Family

The Heinzelmann Family

The Heiserman Family

The Heimov Family

The Hemmerdinger Family

The Herbst Family

The Herman Family

Rick Herman

The Hershkovitz Family

The Hess Family

The Hetzel Family

The Heyman Family

The Hickey Family

The Hickman Family

The Hilburn Family

Sarah Hiller

The Hillman Family

The Hinnant Family

Elaine Hirsch

Ellen Hirsch

The Hirsh Family

The Hirsch Family

The Hirschfeld Family

Elana Hoffman

Leah Hofkin

The Holderness Family

Lisa Holzman

The Honigstock Family

The Hope Family

The Hoponick Family

The Horgan Family

The Horwitz Family

The Huber Family

The Hughes Family

Jana Hummel

The Hunter Family

Sam Hurwitz

The Hurwitz Family

The Hyatt Family

The Hyder Family

Bret Ioli

Serene Israel

Benjamin Jablonover

Lisa and Michael Jablonover

The Jacobson Family

Robin Janofsky

Bruce and Barbara Jentleson

Jay Johnson-Smith

The Kruger Family

The Jones Family

The Jones Family

The Jose Family

Ann Joseloff

Elizabeth Joseloff

Amy Kahn

Rabbi Rabbi Bruce E. and Toby Kahn

The Kamenetz Family

The Kamholz Family

Lauren Kaplan

The Shokek-Kaplan Family

The Klein Family

Steve Karasik

The Karbeling Family

The Karlin Family

The Karon Family

The Karp Family

The Karp Family

The Karton Family

The Kass Family

The Kassoff Family

The Katz Family

Eli Katz

Evan Katz

The Katz Family

Max Katz

Melissa Katz

Jenny Kay

Margaret Kay

Ellen Kaye

The Keiser Family

Marilyn Kellam

The Keppler Family

The Kerns Family

The Kesner Family

Sybil Kessinger

The Kessman Family

The Khan Family

The Kidd Family

Jayne Kimmel

The King Family

Judy and Marty Kinstler

The Kintisch Family

The Kirk Family

The Kirsch Family

Donald Kirson

The Klaiber Family

The Klar Family

Lawrence Klein

The Klein Family

The Kligman Family

The Knowles Family

The Kodis Family

Josh Kohn

The Koshar Family

Faina Kostyukovsky

The Kotlove Family

The Kovalchick Family

The Kraus Family

Rosalie Krause Memorial Endowment Fund

George Krause

Andy Krauss

Douglas Krauss

The Krauss Family

Lawrence Kravitz

Lisa Kravitz

The Krinn Family

The Krizman Family

Hal Kronsberg

The Krupkin Family

The Kukafka Family

The Kurman Family

Roz Kurman

The Kurtzig Family

The Kusel Family

Jack Kwait-Blank

The Lande Family

The Landsman Family

The Langert Family

The Lanman Family

The Lapidus Family

Mary Cat Lasko

Ricky Lasser

Tina Latter

The Laufer Family

The Lavan Family

The Lavetan Family

The Moshkatal Family

The Leder Family

The Lederman Family

Geraldine Lederman

The Lefkowitz Family

Rebecca Lehner

The Lenet Family

The Lerche Family

Irina Lessne

Josh Lessner

The Lever Family

Cheryl Levey

Dana Levey

Gloria Levin

Iris and Tom Levin

Karen Levin

The Levin Family

Lesley Levin

Brahm Levine

Calli Levine

Neil Levine

Paula Levine

The Levine Family

Erica Levinson

Sondra Levinson

The Levithan Family

The Levitt Family

Melanie Levs

Lisa Levy

The Levy Family

The Lewis Family

Marla Lewis

The Libon Family

The Lichter Family

The Lieber Family

The Lieberman Family

Lorraine Lippman

Zachary Lippman

The Lips Family

The Lister Family

Delana Listman

Julie Liszka

The Livingston Family

Carla Loebman

The Loren Family

The Lotenberg Family

The Louer Family

David and Jennifer Lubitz

The Lubitz Family

The Lubochinski Family

The Lunay Family

The Lustig Family

The Lutwin Family

The Luxenberg Family

The Luzon Family

The Lynch Family

Diana Lynn

The Mackie Family

Jeffrey Magziner

The Mahan Family

The Malickson Family

Elisha Manassa

The Mandel Family

Adam Mandelberg

The Mandelberg Family

Carolyn and Joel Mangel

Dr. Arnie Mann

The Mann Family

The Manning Family

The Manset Family

The Margolese Family

The Markham Family

Marcia Markowitz

The Marks Family

Sandra Masino

Jonathan and Fran Matz

The Matz Family

The Matzkin Family

The Mayster Family

The McDole Family

James McDonald

The McDonnell Family

Valerie McManus

Mindy McShane

Marissa McTernan

Paula Meier

The Mendelow Family

Robert Mettam

Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds

The Miller Family

Harriet Miller

Norman Miller

The Minkove Family

Sandy Minksoff and Katy Singerling

The Mintz Family

George Mirmelstein

Jan Mirmelstein

Joel Mirmelstein

Joshua Mitnick and Stacy Schwartz

Stuart and Joan Mitnick

The Modlinger Family

The Moffet Family

The Mohink Family

The Mollen Family

The Moncarz Family

Marla Pinson Montemarano

The Monticelli Family

The Moody Family

The Meyer Family

The Moran Family

Letty Morris

The Morrison Family

The Morse Family

The Mosier Family

The Mossovitz Family

The Murdick Family

Jill Myers

Karine Myers

The Myers Family

The Nadell Family

Matthew Nakamoto

Heather Naviasky

Abby Needleman

The Needleman Family

Jordan Needleman

The Nelson Family

Seth Nelson

Violet Nelson

The Neustadt Family

The Newman Family

The Newmark Family

The Nichols Family

The Nolan Family

Tara Norman

Northrop Grumman Charity Trust Account

The Nudelman Family

Austin Nusbaum

The Nusbaum Family

Kristin Oakes

The Oberfeld Family

The O’Donovan Family

The Okin Family

Mark Opper

The Opper Family

Deborah Parver Oremland

Eric Orman

The Orta-Vargas Family

Ellen Osher

The Osinovsky Family

Katharine Ostrow

The Ostrow Family

The Osztreicher Family

The Oscherwitz Family

The Owen Family

The Pachino Family

The Pakulla Family

The Paliath Family

The Palmedo Family

Beth Feinberg Passner

The Pasternak Family

The Paul Family

The Paul Family

The Paul Family

PayPal Giving Fund

Pearl and Jean Pomerantz Camp Louise Campership Fund

The Pearlman Family

The Pearson Family

Barbara and Chet Peckett

Bonnie Peek

The Pelmoter Family

Katie Perelman

The Peristere Family

The Peritz Family

Lauren, Ryan, Ava, Millie, and Sadie Perlin

The Perlmutter Family

The Pesachowitz Family

The Peska Family

The Peters Family

Stephanie and Rob Petroff

The Philips Family

Elyse Phillips

The Pieraccini Family

The Pilloff Family

The Pines Family

The Pitlick Family

Marcy Plimack

The Ploff Family

The Plotnick Family

The Pokov Family

Gordon Pollokoff

The Polon Family

Harriet Polun

The Poris Family

Jamie Portnoff

The Portnoy Family

Leslie Posner

Diane Post

The Proper Family

The Puckett Family

The Putterman Family

The Putterman Family

The Raben Family

The Rabin Family

The Rabinowitz Family

Lara Rabinowitz

The Rachlin Family

The Radosh Family

Jacob Rains

Jonathan Rains

The Raithel Family

The Rapkin Family

Laura Rashkin

The Ravitz Family

The Ray Family

The Reaven Family

The Recker Family

The Redmond-Hoel Family

Dana Rees

The Reiman Family

The Reiser Family

Dori Reissman

Steve Reissman

Michael Reiter

Maddie Respler

The Revzan Family

The Rhodes Family

The Rich Family

The Richards Family

Melanie Richards

The Richman Family

The Richter Family

The Riddy Family

Marilyn Riffkin

Rachel Riter

Jan Rivitz

Aaron Robinson

Adam Robinson

Lauren Roche

The Roche Family

David and Margie Rochlin

Marty and Pam Rochlin

The Rojas Family

The Rollins Family

Marcia Rose

The Rose Family

The Rosen Family

The Rosenberg Family

Phyllis Rosenberg

The Rosenberg Family

The Rosenblatt Family

Henry and Nadine Rosendale

The Rosenstock Family

The Rosenzweig Family

Amy Hertzbach Rosenthal

Dale Rosenthal

Jason Rosenthal

Jill Rosenthal

Jonathan Rosenthal

The Rosenthal Family

The Rosenwald Family

Amy Ross

Michael Rossman

The Roth Family

The Rothman Family

Martin Rothschild

The Rotnemer Family

The Roy Family

Ashley Royle

Phyllis Rozman

The Rubenstein and Leaderman Family Fund

Wayne and Ronna Ruben

The Rubin Family

The Rum Family

Alexa Rummel

Ava Ruyter

The Sachs Family

The Sachs Family

Mitchell Sachs

Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen

Missy Sachs-Kohen

Jane Sacks

The Saiontz Family

Adam Saks

The Saks Family

The Salz Family

Emma Saltzberg

The Salzman Family

Harry Sanderoff

Rachel Sanderoff

The Sandler Family

The Schachter Family

Anthony Schaeffer

The Schaked Family

The Shaffin Family

Jonathan Schehr

The Scheiner Family

The Scheinkman Family

Alyson Scherer-White

The Scherr Family

Nina Scherr

Rabbi Hal Schevitz

Erin Schiff

Rebecca Schiff

Barry Schimel

The Schimel Family

The Schmeidler Family

Bruce Schneider

Kiki and Dan Schneider

The Schneider Family

The Schneiderman Family

The Schoenfeld Family

The Schloss Family

The Schorr Family

The Schulman Family

Sara Berlin Schreurs

The Schreurs Family

Stephen Schreurs

The Schulz Family

Emelie Schwab

Dwayne, Logan and Stacy Schwartz Frazier

Eric Schwartz

Harry Schwartz

Melissa Caplan Schwartz

The Schwartzberg Family

Jack Schwarz

The Scolnick Family

The Seidenfeld Family

The Sedney Family

The Sedwick Family

Sherie L Seff

Shawn Sefret

Marina and Isabelle Segel-Landon

Ethan Seidel

The Seiken Family

The Sekine Family

Zach Selfon

Sharon Selko

The Selzer Family

Laurie & Mitchell Serber

Alan Shafer

The Shandler Family

The Shapiro Family

Laurie Shapiro

Mindy Shapiro

Karen Shariati

The Shay Family

The Shaya Family

The Shear Langer Family

The Sher Family

The Sherman Family

Sarah Sherman

Ben Shorofsky

The Shron Family

The Shugarman Family

Carol Shulman

Dennis Shusman

The Shuster Family

Alan Siegel

Scott Siff

The Silber Family

The Silberman Family

Hailey Siller

Amy & Bob Silverman

The Silverman Family

The Silversmith Family

The Schockett Family

Heidi Silverstone

The Silvis Family

The Simon Family

The Simpson Family

The Singer Family

Josh ‘Smalls’ Singer

The Singer Blanken Family

The Sirotzky Family

The Sisisky Family

The Sitrin Family

The Skelton Family

The Skier Foundation

The Skolkin Family

The Sloane Family

The Slurzberg Family

The Small Family

The Smith Family

Jim Smith

Jodi Smith

Bevin Smotkin

Jason and Jill Smulson

Kori Snair

Andie Snyder and Adam Greenstein

The Snyder Family

Michael Snyder

The Sobel Family

The Solomon Family

The Spak Family

The Sparber Family

The Spasoff Family

The Stein Family

The Spencer Family

Kirsten Spillane

The Sprague Family

The St. John Family

Jo Staffin

The Stahl Family

S. Peter Stanger

Anderson Manset

The Stein Family

The Steinberg Family

The Steinberg-King Family

The Steinberger Family

The Steller Family

Betsy Sterling

The Sterling Family

Susan Sterling

Jeffrey Stern

The Stewart Family

Mason & Barbara Stewart

The Stickle Family

The Stivelman Family

The Stolker Family

The Stoloff Family

Andrew Stolusky

The Stolusky Family

The Strauch Family

The Strasburg Family

The Stromberg Family

David Strouse

The Strulson Family

The Rosenthal Struminger Family

The Struminger Family

The Stuart Family

Jen Stutman

Susan Sukonik

Betsy Summer

The Suskin Family

The Sutton Family

The Swird Family

Marcie Swirnow

The Sylvan Family

The Sypes Family

The Tampio Family

Kelly Tanenholz

The Mueller-Tapper Family

The Tarleton Family

Dr. Edward Thompson

The Thompson Family

Stephen, Bonnie, Ira, Alanna, Jordan, and Emily Thompson

The Tolin Family

Miriam Tommer

Brooke Torton

The Tow Family

The Travis Family

The Treger Family

Sherill Treitel

Eric Tublin

Marilyn Tublin

The Tublin Family

Erica Tucker

The Tucker Family

The Tuer Family

The Turnock Family

The Tyler Family

Jill and Idan Tzameret

The Uddeme Family

The Udoff Family

The Ulman Family

United Way of Central Maryland

The Van Camp Family

Molly Levin Van Grack

The Vartanian Family

The Vaughan Family

The Vaysman Family

The Vogel Family

The Wagman Family

The Walker Family

The Walman Family

The Walsh Family

Jonathan Warga

The Warner Family

The Warren Family

The Wasserman Family

The Wax Family

The Weaver Family

The Weber Family

The Weinberg Family

The Weiner Family

The Weinfeld Family

The Weinman Family

Bernhard and Sandra Weinstein

Brett Weinstein

The Weinstein Family

Marc Weintraub

The Weintraub Family

The Weisman Family

The Weiss Family

The Weissbach Family

Benjamin Weitz

Howard Weitz

The Wells Family

The Westendorf Family

The Westin Family

Zack Whitacre

The White Family

Gail and David Whitman and Family

Steve Whitman

Jeremy Widder

The Wiederhorn Family

The Wiesenfelder Family

The Wilks Family

Andi Williams

The Willis Family

The Wilson Family

The Windt Family

Carrie Winiker

Becca Wolf

The Wolf Family

The Wolff Family

Laurie Wollman

The Wolsztejn Family

The Woolf Family

The Wortman Family

The Yankellow Family

The Yanowitch Family

Lisa Yarmis

Rachel Yarsky

The Yasbin Family

The Yospin Family

Laurie Young

The Young Family

The Youngblood Family

The Zagranichny Family

Holly Zane

The Zapler Family

The Zelman Family

The Zemil Family

The Zenick Family

The Vainer Family

The Zaid Family

The Zhurkin Family

The Ziman Family

Alan Zimmerman

The Jerome G. & Annette S. Zimmerman Foundation Inc.

The Zirofsky Family

Alisa Zlotoff-Fine

Lori Zobler

Carol Zuckerman

The Zukerberg Family

Cheryl Green Zusman

The Zussman Family


Tribute Donations

In Memory of Robert Agus

Ilene and David Chait

In Honor of Sabrina Bassell

Rachel Ann Bassell

In Memory of Stan Belgrad

Carolyn Jane Belgrad

In Honor of Sarah Beller

The Beller Family

The Bar Mitzvah of Andrew Bennett

Marcia Markowitz

In Honor of Brooke Bennett

Kate Perelman

In Honor of Lisa Blatt Bennett

Alicia and Neil Berlin

The Bnot Mitzvah of Hannah, Marissa, and Ellie Berlin


Sylvia and Ron Carmel

Marilyn and Barry Dubin

Jamie, Josh, Alyssa, and Ryann Forman

Serene Israel

Kiki and Dan Schneider

In Honor of Neil Berlin

Steve and Sherry Berlin

In Memory of Susan Berlin

Cindy Hallberlin

In Memory of Evelyn Berman

Ilene and David Chait

In Memory of Janice Schwartz Billmeyer

Ilene and David Chait

In Memory of Joan Block

Dwyane, Stacy, and Logan Frazier

The Geller Family

Laura L. Rashkin

Alan and Linda Shafer

Ellen Weiss

In Memory of Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld

Ruth Silber

In Memory of Guy M. Blynn

Daniel S. Blynn

In Memory of Jenifer Bochner

Amy & Bob Silverman

In Memory of Joan Bornstein


Andi Abrams

Neil, Alicia, Hannah, Marissa, and Ellie Berlin

Katie Brodsky

Elizabeth Gross

Serene Israel

Melanie Lasoff Levs

Paula Meier

Elyse Phillips

Marty and Pam Rochlin

Gail and David Whitman and Family

Cheryl Green Zusman

In Honor of Cherie and Jeb Brownstein

Ilene and David Chait

In Honor of Larry Cantor

Eric Tublin

In Honor of the Camp Airy CITs of 2000

Daniel Blum

Steve and Nicole Whitman

In Honor of the Camp Airy CITs of 2001

Evan Katz

In Honor of the Camp Airy CITs of 2013

Zachary Lippman and friends

In Honor of the Camp Airy CITs of 2014

Maxwell Alpert and friends

In Honor of the Camp Airy CITs of 2017

Ethan Fruchtman and Friends

In Honor of the Camp Louise CIT 2.5 Bench in Jill’s Place

Kate Perelman

Pamela Sheppard

Andie Snyder

In Honor of the Camp Louise CITs of 2011

Caley Fischer

In Honor of the Camp Louise CITs of 2016

Cantor Melanie Blatt

In Honor of the Camp Louise CITs of 2020

The Sloane Family

In Memory of Helen & Sidney Chernak

Seth Nelson

In Memory of Sheldon Cohen


The Bar Mitzvah of Cody Duckhorn

Stephanie and Greg Brown

Harriette Brickman

Marlene Cohen

Marni Downey

Thomas Duckhorn

Rebecca Harvard

Michael Feltz

Jon and Nancy Laskin

Kelli Livay

Violet Nelson

Tracy Smith

Janice Weiss

In Memory of Eddie Dworkin

The Shapiro Family

Bar Mitzvah of Max Fine

Larry A. Cantor

Nicole & Chad Eskanazy

Josh Fine

Robert and Harriette Fine

Karen Fishbein

The Gentry Family

Lisa and Mike Tabachnick

Laurie Wollman

L+G, C&S Westerman

In Memory of Ellen Goldstein Fishkin

Sheldon and Miriam Tommer

Elaine Hirsch

In Memory of Zelda Kloner Flax

Brian and Heidi Flax Berghuis

In Honor of Dr. Manny Gerton

Sandy Minksoff and Katy Singerling

In Honor of Gertz

Jill Rosenthal

In Memory of Essie Glickman


Cary & Bret Iol

Sharon Selko

In Honor of Jack and Kate Goldscher

Jay and Ann Goldscher

In Memory of Arlene Grossman


In Memory of Ina Hamburger

The Scherr Family

In Memory of Sam Himmelrich

Nancy Aiken

In Honor of the Graduation of Sydney Huber

In Honor of Serene Israel

The Petroff Family

In Honor of Remy Harper Jacobson and Cole Jackson Gerton

Karen and Dr. Manny Gerton

In Honor of Rabbi Bruce Kahn’s Lifetime Passion Award for Camp Airy Order of the Leaf

Harvey and Fran Berger

Norma and Rabbi Donald Berlin

Jackie and Chick Hefter

Bruce and Barbara Jentleson

Ann Joseloff

Iris and Tom Levin

Carolyn and Joel Mangel

Bonnie (Kahn) Peek

Phyllis Rozman

Carol Shulman

Mason and Barbara Stewart

Marilyn Tublin

In Memory of Helen Kamerow

The Whitman Family

In Honor of Dahlia Kintisch

Elana Hoffman

In Honor of the Leadership Team for Camps Airy & Louise

Iris Friedman

In Honor of Carl and Randi Levy

Ilene and David Chait

The Bat Mitzvah of Lily Lieber

Anonymous (8)

Sarah Armour

Ileana Benitz

Jay Besch

Amy Bernhardt

Mary Crangle

Debbie Feinstein

Sara Kasai

Ken Leconte

Paula McGee

Rhonda McNamara

Thomas Miller

Yvonne Morrison

Laura Rashkin

Chelsea Rubin

Sara Berlin Schreurs

James Spellman

Michelle Stanger

Sharon Watts

Gail Whitman

Laura Young

In Honor of Zach Lippman

Mike and Lorraine Lippman

In Honor of Ben Louis

Harry Schwartz

In Honor of Dr. Merton Lynn

Diana Lynn

The Bar Mitzvah of Anderson Manset


Elliott Bresler

The Daly Family

Tina and David Iatter

The Manset Family

Marcia Markowitz

Sandra L. Masino

The McTernan Family

Karine Myers

Matthew Nakamoto

Kirstin Oakes

Karen Shariati

The Smotkin Family

Kirseten Spillane

Yamna Stanger-Allison

Grandpa Pete

Holly Zane

In Memory of Carol Packer

Andie Snyder and Adam Greenstein

In Memory of Harry & Evelyn Polansky

Robin Polansky Aronoff

In Memory of H. Ruth Pollack

Jonathan and Fran Matz

In Honor of Joan Weinstein Redelheim

Carla Schultz Loebman

In Honor of Kirk Renaud and Sally Duggin

Ilene and David Chait

In Memory of Bernie and Phyllis Rice

Valerie McManus

In Memory of Brian Rogers

The Brooks/Golfer Family

In Memory of Don Rosenthal

Jacob Cutler

In Honor of Nancy Rosenstadt

Marla Pinson Montemarano

In Honor of Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen

Sheryl B. Cooper

In Memory of Bea Saffer


Phyllis Butin

Jola & Norma Cope

Carol and Jack Galvin

The Ledermans

Barbara Peckett and Chet Peckett

The Rochlin Family

Wayne and Ronna Ruben

Jo Staffin

Bernhard and Sandra Weinstein

In Memory of Robert Saffer

Linda and Marc Brenner

Linda and George Clement

Carol and Jack Galvin

Marty and Emily Glickstein

Robert Hearn

Alan and Sandra Moss

Martin Rothschild

Melissa Caplan Schwartz

In Memory of Bunny Seidman

Ilene and David Chait

John and Kathleen Cunningham

Stuart and Joan Mitnick

Betsy Summer

In Honor of Sarah, Anne and Alex Sherman

Amy Ross

In Honor of Lucy, Milo, and Nora Silberman

Binnie Edelson

In Memory of Florence Silverman

Anonymous (3)

Natalie Blum

Stephen Breman

Fabiola Garcia

Richard Gorelick

Howard Grossman

Rick Herman

Phyllis Rosenberg

Anthony Schaeffer

Dennis Shusman

Susan Sukonik

Tafapolsky Smith Mehlman, LLP

The Bar Mitzvah of Noah Simon

Barbara Resnick Adler

Jill Maryland Alperstein

Lisa Beck

Debbie Bernfield

Alli Bernstein

Beth El Congregation

Lisa Cashin

Adrian Himmelfarb Downing

Marilyn and Barry Dubin

Sherri Flaks

Tami Fruman

Stephanie Gordon

Rita Hammerman

Candice Diamond Krupitsky

Jodi Katzen

Heather Dubin Leahy

Nancie Leibowitz

Jessica Lubek

Kim Maglin

Michele Needel

Steven Ostrow

Stuart Resnick

Lauri Cohen Richmond

Nicole Hammerman Robbins

Courteney Rodman

Laura Samuelson

Jenny Schloss

Elyse Michelson Schraeder

Colby Simon

Matthew Stansbury

Jayme Uhlfelder

Ayelet Weiss

In honor of Andie Snyder

Marci & Jon Rose

Michael Snyder

In Memory of Shirley Snyder

Sheryl B Cooper

In Honor of Sheila Tenenblatt

Marcy and Joel Mirmelstein

In Honor of Dr. Stephen Thompson

Dr. Edward R. Thompson

In Honor of Ira Tublin and Robert Tublin

Marilyn Tublin

In Honor of the Marriage of Bonnie & Stephen Thompson

Sherry and Steve Berlin

Melissa, Jeff, Zach, Jessica, and Sara Berman

In Honor of Rachel Vartanian

Rabbi Peggy de Prophetis

In Honor of Jordan Weinstein

Lori Zobler

In Memory of Ken Weissbrot

Ilene and David Chait

In Honor of Danielle Williams

Matt and Andi Williams

The Bat Mitzvah of Lennon Wollman

Jamie Davidson

In Memory of Beverly Zerwitz Zlotoff

Alisa Zlotoff Fine