1. Camp misses you too. But while we’re all at home busy with family and friends and work and school, Airy is getting ready for you and Summer 2015. I’m lucky enough to get up to camp a few times each month, and I notice something new on each trip. Some are subtle – clearing a few trees or a roof repair. Others pop out make make you say “wow.” We will post some pictures in the near future to give you a preview of what’s happening both up and downhill. The gym, the baseball field, the playground, the skate park, campteen … stay tuned for that and more.
  2. The team working for camp year-round has had the chance to recruit, interview and hire some SUPERB staff for Summer 2015. It is exciting to put together a staff that possesses so many great skills – we’ve got people signed up and ready to share their expertise in the Multimedia studio, on the trails in Hike and Nature, in our Wood Shop, and on the courts and fields. And on top of that list of we’ve got special guest coaches and instructors coming to Airy all summer long – some include college and professional soccer and lacrosse stars.
  3. You may be seeing ice and snow where you are now, but your Airy team for Summer 2015 will have a great international, global feel. We are lucky to have staff coming to Airy from England, Scotland, Mexico, Israel, Australia, Sweden and more … Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia … even Maryland. We don’t always realize it, but Airy is a place that brings together so many people of all different ages from so many places and walks of life. For 90 summers and counting…
  4. When we’re not a camp, we are staying connected to Airy and each other through technology. The inaugural Airy Fantasy Football season was a huge success, and the new trophy will bear the names of all 14 league winners in the dining hall. And the Hanu-Quest brought out the creative side in campers. It was fun to see your pictures. The new camp store lets us order Airy “swag” all year long. And certainly, you can always interact with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Airy is what we all share in common, which means that what we love to do more than anything else is get together with our “camp family.” The Splashdown event was so much fun, and we are often sent stories and pictures of people getting together with camp folks. Birthday celebrations, Hanukkah candle lightings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, ball games and more. We hope to see you at some of the upcoming camp events at which both Airy and Louise represented: Havdallah on March 7, Purim-Palooza on March 8 and our upcoming May events as well. Be on the lookout for details!

I’d love to know what you think about from Airy that gets you through the cold winter …

Campily yours,

Marty Rochlin

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