If we asked you during camp to dress up in your wackiest costume, you’d have no problem finding the perfect one. Now that we are no longer surrounded by trunks filled with costumes and 300 other people with accessories, you are now tasked with coming up with something for Halloween.


Need inspiration? We’ve created a list of 7 costumes inspired by Camp Louise. Click on each to learn more. Also, comment below if you think of any that would make the list.

The Salters Family

This is a four-person costume (if you include Creampuff). You’ll need one person to dress up like Steve, a male athlete (high socks, whistle), one person to dress up like Leslie, in a fantastic bathing suit (and/or mermaid tail), one person to dress up like Mimi with field hockey equipment, and lastly, a dog


All you’ll need are obscure letters on a white t-shirt and pajama bottoms. It helps if you are screaming all night and shouting a CIT year during a song. Also acceptable: Overalls.

A Ceiling Fan

Not that kind of ceiling fan! Dress up like a cheerleader and cheer for ceilings. After all, our bunks would not be as cool without them.

The Ukulady


You’ll need crazy curly hair, huge glasses, the cutest outfit, a ukulele, and of course, sock puppets.

Chocolate Lady

This won’t be too hard if you’re trick-or-treating this year. Collect as much chocolate as you can and share fun facts about it as you give it out to others.

Terrace Emcees Lady

jen and stacyHave you always dreamt of hosting a dance concert or talent show? Grab a friend, coordinate costumes and tell the corniest jokes all night.

The Camera Lady

You’ll need a camera around your neck and good walking shoes. Tell people to pose for the website and say “Cheese!”

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