Three is a Magic Number

Who else remembers “Schoolhouse Rock?” And, who knows what rock band recoded a cover of this song? If you guessed Blind Melon, you win!

In today’s blog, three is a magic number indeed: three people in this picture … three weeks in the session that began today … three divisions in camp … three summers on staff to make Leaf … and on the Wheel of Birthdays, the most popular and mysterious prize is THREE PEOPLE.

Today also marked the third arrival day of the summer – first our CITs arrived on June 25, and then Session 1 campers on June 27, and finally Session 2 campers on July 26. What a fun day it was seeing old faces and new. The weather cooperated, there were chicken tenders for lunch and pizza bagels for dinner, and of course CAMPTEEN at night!

We wrapped up the day with our Camp Airy Welcome Show. Campers had a chance to laugh at and with Airy department heads and specialists, unit leaders, counselor band, and of course the CITs. Their reprise of the “Pizza Man Song” was the hi-light of the evening.

Special thanks to our Camp Airy staff that facilitated a smooth opening day for campers and parents alike.

So long until the next blog,

This Week’s Birthdays
7/27 – Eli, Noah
7/28 – Joey, Joey (staff)
7/29 – Oliver
7/31 – Ethan
8/1 – Evan, George

Today’s Menu

Cereal Chicken Tenders Pizza Bagels
Yogurt Corn Curly Fries
Fruit Salad Bar & Pasta Bar Salad Bar & Pasta Bar
Muffins Brownies

Today’s Weather
High: 88°F | Low: 68°F
The weather is great in 21788 – warm and sunny!

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