With a tip of the cap to Jimmy Buffet, guitar playing at camp has been a thing for a long time. These days, you might see guitars at all sorts of camp locations and programs. Shabbat for sure comes to mind. Guitar accompanies our services, energizes our song sessions, and sets a warm tone for Havdalah.

A guitar is also an essential part of our “Goodnight Song.” When Dan plays the first few notes, campers and staff reflexively begin to sway arm in arm. And any campfire is better with some guitar playing. Whether it’s mood music or a classic sing-along, it fits.

Guitar is also a staple of the many iterations of Camp Airy rock bands. Those of us of a certain age will recall “Boneless Chicken Wire,” a staff band from the 1980’s. In the 1990’s, “The Dustballs” were a camper band whose original songs lamented and celebrated walking the hill and bunk inspection. The 1990’s also brought us “Beatless” – a counselor group who covered The Beatles, Oasis, Pearl Jam … gosh they were cool!

More recently, the Airy music department – led by Jon, Ben and Dan, with song leaders that included Shy and Dan, and special guests like Glenn and Naomi – has fostered our own band making. Young musicians of all ages and skills hone their craft at clinic and rehearsal times, and take the stage later to rock out in front of camp. Let it be known that we do more than just guitar work in the music department. Airy music staff this summer (and from summers past who are back in camp in other roles) include Dan, Max, Shai, Sam, Noah, Alec, Matt and Sammy.

Who knows what camp staffers or bunkmates may join together as Airy’s next great five-man-accoustical-jam? You’ll have to keep an eye on this blog to find out…

So long until the next blog,

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