Friday on My Mind

In 1965, “The Easybeats” released this song – a hit in Australia and I’m not sure where else. We thank them for their contribution as Camp Airy welcomed in the first Shabbat of the new session.

A pre-2021 Shabbat featured our camp-wide service before dinner at the campfire site, followed by dinner altogether. From there we would gather at the Theater for song session, and finally the Village Row Basketball Court for dancing!

In 2021, we have another approach … and I’ll admit that some of it may stick when things are back to “normal.” Since we eat in shifts, dinner begins with lighting candles, motzi and kiddush. We dine on delicious brisket, latkes and matzoh ball soup. Following the second shift, we gather on Village Row for a distanced and outdoor Shabbat service. Seth and Dan and Max lead the prayers and songs. Then Zac led Israeli dancing. Much ruach was on display for sure!

As we wrap up Friday night and have the opportunity for a late wake-up on Saturday morning, let me say how special it felt to be all together again … 9 units, 31 bunks and a few hundred smiling, singing and dancing campers and staff from Camp Airy.

So long until the next blog,

Today’s Menu

French Toast Sticks Chicken Nuggets Brisket & Carrots
Scrambled Eggs Tater Tots Potato Latkes
Cereal Corn Challah & Matzoh Ball Soup
Fruit & Yogurt Salad Bar & Pasta Bar Salad Bar & Pasta Bar

Today’s Weather
High: 86°F | Low: 66°F
A perfect weather day in Thurmont, MD!

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