The year was 1987, and Bon Jovi was continuing its big-hair-band dominance with the album “Slippery When Wet.” But that’s not the point.

In a typical summer at Camp Airy, this would be a day where two-week campers said goodbye to their bunkmates, friends and counselors. Camp would have a few less campers for part of the weekend, followed by a Sunday arrival of a new batch of campers who had been at home anxiously and excitedly awaiting their time in Thurmont.

Well, the calendar of camper comings and goings is different this summer, and a silver lining to that in this four-week session is having the whole camp together for Shabbat three times. Our Shabbat celebration at camp has a few new wrinkles this summer due to our “household” guidelines. The reviews so far have been super positive! For example …

Shabbat dinner is in two shifts. Each shift comes to the dining hall, and together we recite blessings for candles, grape juice and challah. After both shifts have had dinner and dessert, we gather on the Village Row basketball court for a Shabbat Service led by Seth, Dan and several camper and staff volunteers. The wide-open space and new sound system have let us strategically and safely have a whole-camp event. Following services, Dan leads a song session – some Hebrew songs, some pop songs, some campy songs – which is a great warm up for the final phase – Israeli dancing! Zac and the CITs lead the whole camp in a handful of dances. The row is rocking and rolling to “Golden Boy” and “Sieben Sieben” among others.

Following services, song and dance, we all catch our breath before the “Goodnight Song” and finally heading back to our units and bunks.

It is great to have a full four weeks with this group of campers. There is more time for groups to connect and memories to be made. We have a few surprises in store too … keep an eye on this blog and see if we finish the session in a “Blaze of Glory.”

Shabbat Shalom!

So long until the next blog,

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