“Reunited and it feels so good!”

It’s so good to be back at camp … in honor of Summer 2021 at Camp Airy, here are 21 reasons!

1. Getting to write a blog about Camp Airy three-days-a-week
2. Grabbing random song lyrics to use as the title of each blog – thanks, Peaches & Herb
3. Two weeks of orientation … getting to know a very special and talented staff
4. Everyone’s favorite pizza – Rocky’s
5. The expansion of our BMX track and skills course
6. Gathering as a whole camp – outdoors and safely distanced – at the Village Row Basketball Court with the new sound system
7. Less screen time
8. Trading in our pajama pants and joggers for shorts and bathing suits
9. Pizza bagels and curly fries
10. The Wheel … Of … Birthdays
11. Sheetz is around the corner
12. It’s cool to wear Crocs
13. Brisket made by Bob from the Outdoors Staff
14. Bingo with Doug
15. Zany Unit Leaders entertaining us at Evening Lineup
16. Skilled and crafty department heads and specialists delivering all sorts of activities
17. The world’s best counselors
18. Getting to be in camp on the 30th anniversary of MY CIT summer, which also happens to be our daughter’s CIT summer at Camp Louise
19. Another camp shirt (or 2 or 5) to add to the collection
20. Dedicated medical, wellness, programming, facility and dining teams that take such good care of all of us – and camp
21. VELCRO – it’s a rip off.

So long until the next blog,

6/25 – Josh
6/26 – Jared (staff), Jonah (staff)
6/27 – Spencer, Ezra
6/28 – Justin, Evan
6/29 – Archer, Rhys

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Waffles Cheese Quesadillas Chicken Stir Fry
Scrambled Eggs Rice and Beans Rice
Fruit, Yogurt, Juice Mixed Veggies Mixed Veggies

Today’s Weather
High: 93°F | Low: 72°F
Hot … we enjoyed our time at the pool, and also the sprinkler on the hill!

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