I’m Free

… as in free swim (or, as The Soup Dragons would say, “I’m free to do what I want, any old time.” And when we’re in a mini heat wave, it’s so cool to hang out at the pool. A special thanks goes out to our Airy swim staff, who are already in mid-summer form on the 4th day of camp.

I learned to swim at Camp Airy. I remember being nervous for my swim test on that first day. During my first summer in 1984, I didn’t make it to deep water. But I did pass “advanced beginners” that summer and I was determined to earn free swim in the deep end my next time on the mountain. It felt like treading water would never end, but I made it to the finish after a not-so-graceful crawl and elementary back stroke.

Over the course of camp’s first few days, there have been dozens of success stories about campers – passing a deep water test, making a new friend, going down a zip line for the first time. I’m lucky that one of my job essential functions is to celebrate good news! It never gets old.

As adults and parents, we know how good it feels when we solve a problem, meet or exceed an expectation, and get recognized for accomplishments. Now imagine that feeling when ten bunkmates or 40 unit mates hoot and holler for you! We truly mean it when we say that camp is best place to grow up, to figure stuff out, to try new things.

I honestly can’t recall if pool noodles were a thing in 1985 … I remember kickboards. But I can relate to the sense of satisfaction a camper must feel when he passes an annual deep water test and then is free to relax with a bundle of noodles in the deep water. We all should try to pat ourselves on the back from time to time and acknowledge successes. It’s something I wish for our campers.

So long until the next blog,

7/1 – Jack, Adley
7/2 – David

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High: 97°F | Low: 73°F
Hot … we enjoyed our time at the pool – twice for everyone.

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