From Cascade to Thurmont, uphill and down, it was a night to “boogie on down” for Camps Airy & Louise Units E, F, STs, CAs and CITs.

Camp Louise hosted Units E & F for a B’Nai Mitzvah celebration. There were so many milestone Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah occasions that were interrupted in the past year. We decided to throw a party for our rising 8th and 9th graders to let them celebrate their special day in a collective, grand camp fashion.

Down the road at Camp Airy, it was the 2021 VIT gathering (Very Important Trainee). The STs, CAs and CITs from both camps gathered downhill with music, dancing and a magnificent menu of Bruster’s Ice Cream and every crunchy snack you can think of!

Every day we have been at camp, it feels more and more like a “regular” summer. Our campers have gracefully rolled with some of the changes to routine, and our staff have been amazing creators of fun. As both camps get ready to wrap up Session 2 (now that was fast!), we also want to thank all of our camp families for their partnership and support. It means the world to us.

So long until the next blog,
Marty & Alicia

This Week’s Airy & Louise Birthdays
8/8 – Addy, Isabelle
8/9 – Jacob, Lanie, Naomi, Sierra
8/12 – Cory
8/13 – Andrew, Alejandra – staff, Evie – staff
8/15 – Evie, Grace, Hildi

Today’s Airy Menu

Scrambled Eggs Pulled Chicken Sandwiches Turkey & Stuffing
Mini Biscuits French Fries & Cole Slaw Green Beans & Mashed Potatoes
Cereal & Yogurt Pasta & Salad Bar Cranberry Sauce & Rolls
Fruit Cake Pasta & Salad Bar

Today’s Louise Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
French Toast Casserole Baked Potato Bar Hamburgers
Eggs Veggie Chili Hot Dogs
Melon Broccoli Veggie Burgers
Cheese Corn
Salad Bar Cole Slaw

Today’s Weather
High: 91°F | Low: 66°F
A warm, sunny day to kick off the last week of camp

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