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Giving BackGiving Back

camp-airy-camper-tree-climbAt Camps Airy & Louise, we encourage every camper to find their inner awesome. How they do that is up to them. Whether through sports, theater, music, nature or more, our camps provide high-impact experiences for campers while engaging them in a fun and supportive community.

As alumni, we remember the importance of this exploratory play in our own upbringings. We want to ensure that future generations have a safe, fun and challenging place to master new skills, make lifelong friends and eventually become our community leaders.

With that in mind, we’re hoping you will help us spark a new generation of inner-awesome explorers by supporting our Campership program.

So let your adventurous (and generous!) spirit lead the way, and help us forge an exciting path for campers to come.

Thank you!

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