Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.48.30 PM        Camp Louise is celebrating this year’s Women’s History Month through some self reflection by celebrating the amazing women who have impacted our own lives. We are proud to say that camp provides positive role models for our campers and staff alike – leaving happy memories that can last a lifetime. We reached out to our alumni and current campers to ask the question – Who have you met through Camp Louise who has influenced your life and why?

Here are some of our favorite answers:

“There are so many influential women I could name but I have to start with Jen Dubrow who was my first counselor ever in Bunk 22 and made the only new kid in the bunk feel like a part of camp from day 1.  She embodied Camp Louise – enthusiastic, fun, and kind – and gave me an unending love for camp from that first summer.”

Missy Sachs-Kohen has helped me through so many difficult patches in my life, especially during my CIT summer in 2012. She has inspired me throughout my whole time at camp, and she has always been there for me. Her passion for camp, leadership, and teaching leadership is amazing, and things I learned from her have stuck with me and will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

Andie Snyder was my counselor in bunk 18 during my second year of camp. She has been so involved with camp for so long, and she’s invested so much time and love into camp and Circle. She’s been with me every step of the way, from unit A to making Circle this past summer.”

Calli Levine has shown me that the only thing you need to be “cool” is to be yourself!”

Jesse Reter-Choate (JRC) was my direct boss last year, but she’s held just about every position at Camp Louise. She always helps out wherever is needed, and she taught me so much about flexibility, responsibility, and helping out others.”

“Even as an 8 year old I was impressed by Miss Sara’s power and elegance. She stood ramrod straight at flag and was regal in her whites for Shabbat services in the Solarium. However, my bunkmates and I were afraid of her seemingly stern power and cool composure. That was reinforced years later as a 12 year old when my bunkmates and I got in trouble for something of which I don’t remember. I do however remember being in her office shaking in fear. I kept my distance after that. It was not until years later as a counselor that I saw her make fun of herself. It was at the annual end of summer show. The counselors were teasing her in the show about her maturity and advancing age. She stood up in the front row, put her hand on her hip, swayed her hips and said “I am very mature.” It was a rare moment. She was clearly making fun of herself and it was at that instant that I understood that to have that much power, elegance and self-efficacy, you also have to have a sense of humor about yourself. I have not forgotten that moment and it has been about 50 years since I was a camper and close to 40 since I was that counselor.”

Alicia Block Berlin was first my counselor, then my unit leader, then my friend.  She truly taught me how to be a leader, to be a mentor, and to embrace camp as staff – firstly through her training sessions, but mostly by her larger than life example of who I wanted to be.”

“I share a bond with my mom over camp that my siblings don’t understand. We sing the same songs, cherish the same traditions, and connect with the same community.”

“A woman at camp who especially influences me is Joan Bornstein. Joan shows me that friends at camp really DO last a lifetime. She always shows once you come to Louise you can never stop loving it!”

Lauren Peck Dworkin was never a counselor at camp, but she was a long-time camper and she was my camper the first year I was a counselor.  To say we clicked instantly, is an understatement.  She made me feel like I was the best counselor in the world and I will always love her for that.”

Robyn Kleiner showed me that the music department is, far and away, the best, most versatile, and most fun department at camp. She taught me how to teach, how to love time spent in department, and how to get other people excited about the department. She’s the reason I was department head last year, and the reason I was even at camp last year.”

“I have been influenced by so many strong women through Camp Louise. First I need to mention my mother, Andrea Abrams who sent me to camp and has been working there, off and on, for many years. Michelle Poretz Bekenstein helped me learn how to overcome adversity and got me through the hardest summer of my life. Jessie Reter-Choate allowed me the opportunity to move to Camp Airy, which has allowed me to continue working at camp (year 25 on staff this year). The Pata-Pata ladies (too many to list by name) have taught me the true meaning of friendship and have surrounded me with love and comfort in some of the darkest times. All of the campers and staff I have interacted with over the past 31 years have all influenced who I am today. Thank you all!!!!”

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