Airy2015-3This month’s blog post is written by Adam Clay, Camp Airy’s Senior Camp Division Head.

It was a random Sunday morning in January. There was a slight chill in the air warning us that more is coming soon. My two year-old and I decided to have brunch together at a bagel place in Rockville.

We sit down and enjoy our meals. I go with the tuna on an everything bagel while my toddler companion chooses a plain bagel with lox (I have never seen a two year-old who loves lox more than my son). After we finish eating, I am chasing my son with a napkin and I see a mother and son looking at us with broad smiles on their faces. The mother asks me if I work at Camp Airy and I proudly say that I do. Her son shares that he had a wonderful time in Unit C last summer and is already signed up for next summer (Senior Camp 2016!!!!). The three of us are having a great time talking about camp, but unfortunately I had to cut the conversation short to chase my toddler who was about to knock over an elderly couple on his way to get to the cookie display. Even though it was a short conversation – it was great to see someone from camp and talk about the wonderful summer of 2015.

This brief encounter has prepared me for dealing with the cold, harsh winter months ahead. If I ever get frustrated with the fact that I have to wear my heaviest coat or that I leave for work and come home from work in the dark, all I have to do is think about something that happened at camp and a smile is sure to take over my face. My new winter coping strategy is sure to get me through anything this winter may throw in my direction.

So, if you feel yourself getting a little chilly, warm yourself up with a camp thought. If you have gone through an entire box of tissues because your nose won’t stop running, remember running around Village Row with your bunkmates during an evening activity. If you get bored because there is several feet of snow outside, contact a friend and talk about one of your favorite memories from last year or what you are most looking forward to next summer. Camp will warm you up even when it’s freezing outside.

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