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Packing ListPacking List

We provide a suggested packing list for both camps. The list applies to every session.

Camp Airy Packing List

Camp Louise Packing List

All articles of clothing and other personal belongings should be marked carefully with your child’s full name to minimize missing items.

Oliver’s Labels has provided a free mini package of labels (or a small discount) to all camper families for 2019!  To order labels, please refer to the email sent in late April.  After redeeming the offer, additional labels can be ordered directly on their site –


Camp laundry occurs weekly. The cost for this service is included in camp tuition. Although our laundry service staff is careful and experienced, the camps cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged clothing or other personal items. Be sure to label all garments clearly and use a real laundry bag, not a mesh bag.

Campers are required to bring their own sheets, pillow cases, blankets and towels. All campers should bring two sets of bed linens which are washed separately from clothes.

Note: There will be no linen service for short session or rookie campers.

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