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Staying In Touch During CampStaying In Touch During Camp


(Son’s Name) (Bunk #)
Camp Airy
14938 Old Camp Airy Road
Thurmont, MD 21788


(Daughter’s Name) (Bunk #)
Camp Louise
24959 Pen Mar Road
Cascade, MD 21719

Write your children, and write them often. You’re invited to bring letters on opening day and drop them off with your camper’s counselor on opening day. Please only write pleasant news. Read our Package Policy for more details on sending items.

Not receiving any letters? Your camper is having too much fun! Feel free to contact camp to ask your camper’s Unit Leader for more letters.

Note: It has been our experience that letters from campers with complaints or requests to come home are often reactions to passing incidents such as striking out during a game, getting into a disagreement with a bunkmate or not being selected for the lead in a play. Usually, by the time the letter reaches home, the child has had the opportunity to work through the issue with his/her counselors and friends. If you do receive a letter that worries you, please call Camps Airy & Louise for assistance at 410-466-9010.

More Ways to Keep up With Your Camper


CampInTouch Communication

You can communicate with your camper using CampInTouch to send “emails” to your camper or receive “eLetters” from your camper. For more information click here.

Photos, Videos and Social Media

During the summer, there are several ways to stay informed of your campers experience.


You can view photos posted daily through your CampInTouch account. We will update as often as we can and try to capture as many campers as possible. Save your favorite photos, as they will be removed annually.


Camp-wide events are filmed and uploaded to each camp’s Vimeo page. Also, campers sign up for video workshops that teach them our to script, film and edit their own videos. Most of these videos are uploaded as well.

Camp Airy Vimeo | Camp Louise Vimeo


The directors write a blog each night summarizing the day’s events for you. Visit it daily to hear about what’s going on at camp. You’ll also receive updates from your child’s Unit Leader several times during the session. With all of these updates, you’ll feel like you’re here!

Airy Director’s Blog | Louise Director’s Blog

Social Media

Daily updates can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us on all our networks to stay up-to-date about all the happenings on the mountains! If you receive funny mail, email us pictures to share on our Facebook page.

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