Unit A and Rookies jumped around,
Sky Zone is a cool place in any town.

Unit B bowled and knocked down pins,
The camper with the most strikes usually wins.

Unit C saw the Keys on Monday,
Then the guys and girls swapped camps today for a fun day.

Unit D played at the Family Fun Park,
Mini Golf and Water Balloons both hit the mark.

Unit E skated at a Hagerstown rink,
They raced and jumped more than you think.

Unit F hit the lanes for bowling as well,
We’ll SPARE you a bad pun – isn’t that swell?

The trainees are away on their overnights,
For Cedar Point, Greenbriar, and Guppy Gulch delights.

Marty and Alicia

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High: 80°F | Low: 67°F
A really nice day with a few minutes of rain around lunch time

Today’s Louise Birthdays

None – Happy Un-Birthday to All!

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High: 85°F | Low: 67°F – Gorgeous day!

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