We are so proud of the many different activities that we offer here at Camp Louise. I talked about many of them in my blog from July 12th called What’s Your Favorite Activity?

In addition to our in-house programming, we bring in different special guests throughout the summer to work with our campers. I wrote about Jewish Chicks Rock back on July 6th in my blog called Rock On. Yesterday I wrote about the Chocolate Lady. Today’s focus is on two real life authors who came two different weeks to work with our campers. I asked each of them to write a little something about their time spent at camp. Hey, they are authors after all!!!




My week at Camp Louise was magical. I had the pleasure of working with campers ages six through fifteen, and I was blown away by their enthusiasm, camp spirit, and eagerness to learn. In each of the Creative Writing workshops, I introduced myself and my sleep away camp book series titled Camp Rolling Hills, cast the campers as the characters, and led them through acting exercises. The campers had so much fun making bold acting choices and thinking about setting, point of view, and storytelling. Next, the campers developed their own characters, set them at Camp Louise, and explored voice through “bunk letters.” The creativity was overwhelming!

Everyone at Camp Louise is so warm and welcoming. I can truly say that I feel a part of the family, and I hope to embrace my inner-awesomeness year-round. It’s so refreshing and inspiring to work with girls who appreciate life, appreciate each other, and will one day take on the world with all the amazing skills and values they’ve learned each summer.

The book series Camp Rolling Hills is based on a musical I co-wrote, and all the info for both can be found on this website.

Hope to see everyone back at Camp Louise for another magical summer!



Hello Camp Louise Families!

I was so excited to come to my first sleep away camp! I loved discovering the magical campus with its moss-covered rocks, stone cabins, and the air filled with the sounds of laughing girls. During my week, the girls and I met in the beautiful old library, a massive room with a flagstone floor, huge fireplace, six chandeliers and lots of cozy wooden rocking chairs.

After hearing from the girls about their favorite books, I asked them to think about stories from the point of view of the author instead of the reader. When you’re a reader, you want your favorite character to be safe and happy. But when you’re an author: you need to make trouble for them! We played a game to help invent problems and solutions and then everyone wrote a short story. My favorite part was that moment when all the girls were deeply engrossed in their writing and a hush fell in that the big library as their imagination took flight.

I ran a book club for the older girls who read my novel, Spoils, about a family who wins $80 million in the lottery, only to find themselves totally broke seven years later. The only money left from the big win is a million-dollar trust fund they set up for their youngest daughter, Leni. The books opens a week before that trust fund matures, when Leni will turn 18. During the book club, the girls and I had a great discussion about the connection between money and happiness.

It was delightful meeting your girls at Camp Louise. They made me laugh with their infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy. They were supportive of each other’s creative endeavors, confident in their own ability, and a pleasure to be with.

I hope you visit me at my website to find out about my recent novel for kids ages 9-12, The Six-Day Hero, the only book in English for kids set during the Six Day War.

Warm regards,



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