Our Middah of the Week is respect/kavod. This is a biggie. We talked about the obvious – respecting others, but what about respecting the environment and respecting ourselves – all are so, so important!

In The Daily (our newsletter that goes out each day in the Dining Hall at breakfast), it discussed the following:

Once each day, notice yourself doing something good or doing something well. Take some time to honor yourself for that!

Choose one 30 minute period during the day to find something you can respect in every person you comes your way.

Probably a good idea for all of us to try those activities!

I am guessing that this week’s candle lighting nominees would have no problem with them!

Check out why they were nominated:

  • Respecting her counselors and bunkmates
  • Respecting everyone’s possessions
  • Always following directions
  • Always including everyone
  • Trying all activities even if they aren’t her favorites
  • Never interrupting others
  • Making sure all of her friends are involved and never alone
  • Respecting everyone’s differences in the bunk
  • Spending time with all of her friends
  • Noticing when someone is left out and being a good friend to them
  • Being the first to volunteer when a friend needs help
  • Always hanging back to clean up after meals
  • Taking the time to learn the ways of camp
  • Meeting a lot of new friends
  • Helping a new camper learn the ropes of camp and being there for her to settle in
  • Always being nice to everyone
  • Constantly showing respect to their fellow CAs and to their counselors
  • Showing respect for their CA responsibilities around camp
  • Volunteering to help out at canteen even though it was not their night
  • Wanting to make sure that all campers were able to get their treats during a storm
  • Helping to reorganize the freezers in canteen
  • Staying calm, cool, collected, and respectful in a potentially stressful situation

Middah Girl is so proud of all of our campers this week for showing respect! Way to go!

Shabbat Shalom,



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Tory – Bunk 24
Ryane – Bunk 29


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