During one of my walks around camp, delicious smells were wafting out of Cookery and I just had to go in and see what was going on. I found a group of Senior Camp girls who were there for the Farm to Table three-day workshop.

The campers couldn’t wait to tell me about how they picked vegetables from the garden and used them to cook a variety of foods. On the first day of the workshop, they made an appetizer of sautéed zucchini and squash. One of the campers commented that the vegetables grown in our garden taste SO much better than anywhere else. She was proud to tell me how she ate several plates of zucchini because it was so good! The other campers chimed in telling me how these veggies have no preservatives or GMOs. The campers really enjoyed learning where food comes from and farming at camp has inspired them to cook natural foods at home – their words, I promise!

For the second day of their workshop, the campers made an entrée of omelettes with vegetables and cheese. For the omelettes, they used the eggs from the chickens we have on the farm and of course, the veggies were straight from our garden. The girls then branched off into a conversation about the chickens and how delicious the eggs are. The campers love holding the chickens, playing with them, and helping to take care of them.

Today was the final day of the workshop – dessert! They were making zucchini bread and apple cobbler. After talking to the girls and getting a picture of them in the farm (see insert), I had to wait around to taste today’s results. Let me just tell you – the dessert was truly scrumptious!

We are so lucky to be working with the Amir program at Camp Louise. We have four incredibly talented, knowledgeable and to quote the campers “cool” farmers who have fit so well into our camp community. One of our farmers wrote a blog about his experiences here. It is on our Camps Airy and Louise Facebook page. Be sure to check it out:

You can also read more about Amir at:

I am so proud of all we do here at camp, and I truly believe that we give our campers a taste of so many different things – sometimes quite literally. This is one of those activities that some kids don’t get to experience at home and who knows? Maybe it will spark an interest that they want to pursue at home. So get out those rakes and hoes, we may have some future farmers in our mix!



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