Middah of the Week – Respect/Kavod



The focus of our Middah of the Week was respect (kavod).  Throughout the week, campers who demonstrated our middah were nominated to help light candles on Shabbat. This week, these 11 very proud campers were chosen for many different reasons:


  • She was INCREDIBLE on Adventure Park this morning. She was super scared but was always respectful and continued to support her bunkmates. She ended up completing the whole thing and her counselors are so, so, so proud!!! Her new motto is “I got this!!”
  • She is incredibly friendly and respectful of her bunkmates and counselors. She always asks before using other campers’ things and always has a great attitude while participating in activities. She sets a great example for everyone in the bunk!
  • She is always super respectful of her bunkmates. This morning at NUTS she helped to carry another camper’s sleeping bag in addition to her own and helped someone else find her water bottle. She is such a sweet camper and her counselors are so proud of her!
  • She is on top of everything and never has to be asked to do things more than once. Her upbeat, positive attitude gets both her counselors and bunkmates excited for activities. She is super respectful and sweet to everyone she meets and always has a smile on her face!
  • She has demonstrated respect all week. During bunk activities when people get too loud, she politely tells them to stop talking because it is disrespectful. She is always respectful to the counselors and to the rest of the girls in the bunk. She is an all-around great camper!
  • She is always respectful and kind to all. She takes initiative at all times which then positively influences others to follow her lead. She respects everything and everyone and she has a kind and calm composure. The counselors feel so lucky to have her in their bunk!
  • She is a great twin sister and friend. Even though we fight, she always cheers me up and helps me out.
  • She is always there for me when I need help – and even when I don’t ask for help. She is very happy and easy to talk to and she is fun to be with.
  • She is always so respectful and considerate to her bunkmates. During nighttime, she listens to everyone and helps bunkmates whenever they need her.
  • She is always respectful. She remains quiet while others are talking and she encourages those around her to do the same. She rocks!
  • She was super respectful during the change in plan for Mystery Night due to weather. She respects the counselors and her fellow CITS – creating a great level of respect in the CIT community.


Spend some time this Shabbat thinking about respect… It’s a word that is thrown around a lot, but how can we truly show respect for ourselves and for others?

Shabbat Shalom,




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