Color Games - Finding Nemo

Today was truly awesome – Color Games!!! The campers woke up to music playing around camp. They went on their porches to see what was going on and they found a note:

Swim over to flag.  We can’t wait to see you in your team colors.  Love, Your Captains

Each porch was decorated in a specific team color and at breakfast they found out what the colors represented for Finding Nemo Games (see video):

Orange – Marlin, clown fish who is Nemo’s Dad

Blue – Dory, fish who is Nemo’s friend

Green – Crush, sea turtle

Yellow – Nigel, the pelican

The day has been filled with LOTS of spirit, ridiculously crazy costumes (I sometimes wonder where they find some of these outfits), enthusiastic cheers, and all-around fin-tastic fun!

At breakfast, the video was presented and captains, co-captains, and CIT lieutenants were introduced. We had to swim up to the buffet line to get our food and then we swam back to bunks for a great clean-up. Inspection scores go toward team points today, so everyone put in a little extra effort which was great!

This morning, the campers participated in themed activities on the field, such as throwing the ping pong balls into fish tanks, pin the fin on Nemo, a simulated surfing activity, fish related relays and good ‘ole fashioned tug of war – always a favorite!

At the pool, the activities were priceless. Everything was based on the theme. Three of my favorites were:

In the Mine, Mine, Mine Relay, the campers transformed themselves into seagulls. They were given party hats to wear as beaks and they had to pick up “sardines” (bracelets) from the bottom of the pool and fill their “beaks” with them.

For the Mr. Ray’s School of Fish Raft Race, the campers built a raft out of water noodles that could support two campers. The raft was essentially Mr. Ray, and the campers were the fish that had to stay afloat BUT WAIT that’s not all. The campers held a plastic bowl of goldfish crackers and they could not get them wet AND they had to chant Mr. Ray’s song as well. It was a riot!

In the game Touch the Butt (yes, you read that correctly), the campers had to run/swim across the pool, touch the log roller (a really fun new piece of equipment we have for the kids to play on) and scream – We touched the butt! The kids got really into this game, as I am sure you can imagine. Come on – I am sure you are smiling just picturing this game.

This afternoon, the campers had a cookie decorating contest where they each got a cookie and they had to design a larger picture with all of the cookies – like in Finding Nemo when all of the little fish got together to form a large fish.

There was also a Name that Tune game, as well as Bucket Brigade and Counselor Hunt. The day ended with my absolute favorite part of Color Games (besides Silent Lunch J ) – Closing Ceremonies where each team presented their skit, banner, and song. After all of the points were tallied and pep points were counted, the winner was announced……YELLOW!

It was truly an incredible day and all of the teams did a phenomenal job! Be sure to check out all of the great pictures from Color Games in your Camp In Touch accounts.

We will surely all sleep well tonight after today’s activities!


Today’s Birthdays

Sydney – Bunk #19
Emily – Music Specialist


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High: 84°F | Low: 80°F – Not too hot and just a slight drizzle, a really great day!

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