DSC_0105 Our middah of the past week at Camp Airy was “respect” (Kavod). I can say with certainty that our campers demonstrate this every day, and that our staff model this every day. Pictured today are this week’s “mensch” award winners, posing on our custom bench during Saturday Shabbat services.

These campers and staff were recognized for personifying “respect” around the bunk, in the dining hall, and at activities all around camp. A mensch is someone who decent, upright, mature and responsible. A mensch is a person of dignity and honor. Throughout the summer, other middot we have followed include:


A surprise recipient this week was Shy, Airy’s Jewish Life Department Head and Songleader. Shy coordinates our mensch recognition, so keeping the surprise from him was a challenge. Airy’s Israeli staff, the shlichim, wanted to recognize Shy for his leadership of the group. They praised how respect is seen in all that Shy does – as a supervisor, as a mentor, in working with campers, and with Shabbat guidance.

This coming week, the middah will be “friendship.” As we enter the final week of the session and summer (where has the time gone?!?), this middah is the perfect backdrop. Our Airy community will continue to foster friendships both new and old, friendships that endure through our Green/White Olympics, through long distances, and across many months until next summer.

Again, Shabbat Shalom!


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