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During Shabbat services today, Rabbi Elissa gave a D’Var Torah.  In this week’s Torah portion, the Israelites are reflecting on their 40-year journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. They mention many of their stops along the way, perhaps thinking about all they learned there. Each stop is important and meaningful for different reasons.

This got me thinking about camp. I have been so fortunate to be able to spend time this week with the CITs (rising 12th graders) who are at the end of their camper journey. I trained with the CITs earlier in the week and then I met with them individually to talk about their experiences at camp over the past several, several years they have been here.

I also spent some time over the past week with our Rookies (see picture) who are at the beginning of their camper journey. Watching them experience camp for the first time is so invigorating. It is really pretty amazing – their smiles, their curiosity! They embrace challenges, encouraged by their peers and the staff here at camp.

Rookie Camp Director Karen shared with me some of her goals for the Rookies. She wants to provide a positive and nurturing environment in which the Rookies can get a taste of Camp Louise – having them participate in as many activities as we can possibly squeeze into their week.

And of course, we always want Rookies, as well as all of our campers, to leave wanting more! As one Rookie said, “I want to come back for 6,000 weeks!” Another Rookie chimed in with how impossible that would be – counting the number of weeks in a summer and then explaining to me how that would roll right into the school year and then back into camp and then back into school. She was very mathematical in her thinking. The conversation just made me smile.

When I asked the Rookies how camp was this week, they bombarded me with their favorites…Free Swim! Tie-Dye! Adventure Park! NUTS (Night Under the Stars)! Cookery! Zip Line! Arts and Crafts! Mermaid Training (swim instruction)! Everything!

The Rookies told me about their counselors: “They are so nice and kind and funny! When we need something, they are always there to help us! They are just awesome!”

The Rookies are already looking forward to staying longer next summer and getting to experience so much more of camp.

And tonight, we welcomed staff who have worked for 3 summers into Circle, our alumni organization. So there you have it – the camp journey…from Rookie to CIT to Circle. It’s a pretty inspirational and remarkable journey. How lucky are we who have been able to experience it!


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