Bye Bye, Miss American Pie

My walkie talkie channel is 4. I’m always on 4 so that staff can call me as needed for questions or to deliver information. While sitting at my desk Wednesday morning, my radio crackles and then a transmission follows: “Marty, are you available? We have a proposition.”

My mind begins to race – I recognize the voice as that of our Unit A Unit Leader, Justin. Cautiously, I reply “I’m listening …”

He replies “Bunk 27 would like to pie you in the face.” The gravity of the situation … that’s right … hits me like a pie in the face. Week 7. Unit A bunk. It’s cash-in time for winners of Airy Auction prizes. Bunk 27 won a pie in the face party, and I was in demand. There was really only one reply I could give, so I took a deep breath, pressed the call button, brought the radio near my face, and said “Where and when?”

As pictured here in the blog, I was pied. Whipped cream on disposable plate. Most of the campers were conservative in how much force they applied in the plate-to-face process. They smushed and smeared the plate around my head and face. However, some got into the moment, taking a running start before launching the pie. Another threw the pie. In a related story, I will begin to reduce the number of bad puns I deliver at campwide events. I guess you could say I tasted some humble pie …

The rain that followed on Wednesday evening washed away all of the pie debris, and also washed away for the second consecutive session the first night of Olympics. Ruach-filled team meetings and pep rallies got everyone on both Green and White fired up for Olympics. Mother Nature was not cooperating. No worries – Thursday will be sunny with 100% chance of Olympics.


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