Shaving Party

I truly believe that we have the best of both worlds being an all girls camp with a brother camp just 9 miles away. Girls here at Camp Louise can truly be themselves without the pressures of worrying about what they look like or how they act or being afraid of taking risks in front of boys. Girls roll out of bed and come to breakfast in their pajamas. It doesn’t matter what they look like until…..we get together with Airy. For some, they still don’t care which is amazing. For others, it’s a whole different story.

You know it’s a day we are getting together with the boys when you see shaving parties around camp. The girls gather at a spigot to shave their legs. The sight is pretty normal for people at camp, just another Airy day. For newcomers to camp, it may seem a little strange. Either way, it is a tradition – the same as wearing whites on Shabbat and pizza on Cab Night.

I guess I can’t really fault them. After all, I did marry an Airy boy myself. As we get ready for our Winter Wonderland theme night at Airy, I smile as I walk past many shaving parties going on all around the mountain. It’s just part of our fabric here at camp, but I also can’t wait for tomorrow when the girls will go back to rolling out of bed in pjs for breakfast.

Off to Airy….


Today’s Birthdays

Karli – Bunk 24

Tori – Bunk 24

Jenna – Bunk 21

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High: 81°F | Low: 61°F
A great day at camp – sunny, a little breezy, really just perfect!


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