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Today at Camp Airy was Wing Night … during the day. You see, Wing Night has been on the Tuesday night that coincides with the Trainee Overnights. We aren’t neglecting the trainees – they get their own wing meal a bit later in the session. The smaller crowd lets us feed the hungry masses with plenty wings to go around. Anyway, it became a day event because we were at Camp Louise last night for dinner and a show.

But I digress …

The popularity of Wing Night got me thinking about what are famous (or infamous) camp meals from throughout the years. For some help, I asked a close group of friends who have been in camp from present day back to the mid-1980s. This is our collective list:

Pizza Bagels – it’s a fan favorite and our opening day meal every session, every summer. Throw in the curly fries and chocolate milk, and you’ve got a classic.

Breakfast Cereal – today, breakfast features a cereal bar filled with all of our favorites. Once upon a time, tables were preset with mini cereal boxes … again, a plethora of flavors. We used to stack the boxes on our bunk table and see which bunk in the unit had the biggest towers. Except on days when we had …

Egg McAiry – Egg + Cheese + Soft bun = morning sandwich deliciousness.

Cold Fried Chicken served on a water trip – None of us can explain why or how, but that chicken is SO GOOD. In fact, one of the guys who has a daughter at Camp Louise said she went on a tubing trip and wrote in a letter home “the fried chicken was so good.” That’s 30 years of delicious fried chicken consistency!

Other fun food facts:

For every Airy-Louise get-together, you can be sure that the meal featured red sauce and/or garlic bread. Not so much anymore.

Challah on Shabbat – deelish, and even more deelish with peanut butter and jelly on it!

Anything cooked by the Outdoor Department … then it was Chili, today it’s Bob’s Brisket.

And s’mores … as simple and elegant and scrumptious now as they were then.

All this food talk is making me hungry … might be time for a Cabana milkshake and grilled cheese.

So long until the next blog,

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