When you hear the sounds of bass guitars, tambourines, drums and keyboards coming from the Camp Louise Library, you know it’s time for Jewish Chicks Rock!

Songwriter, activist, rocker, educator, and the founder of Jewish Chicks Rock Naomi Less and her husband and musical partner Glenn Grossman spent time with us – transforming some of our campers into rock performers! I had the opportunity to talk with Naomi and she told me about her inspiration for working with our campers this year.

Naomi explained that she wanted to focus on Jewish female songwriters in order to amplify Jewish women’s voices. She said, “These campers at Camp Louise may one day want to be the women who are creating a cultural footprint in Judaism.”

One of the camper bands Train Wreck told me that they are all a part of the train and they must stay on track. The drummer is the locomotive and each individual train attaches to another to form the whole. Without this, they will be a Train Wreck.

This band spoke to songwriter Chana Rothman’s to find out the inspiration behind her song Shine Like the Sun. Chana was doing a focus group and a woman said her son wears dresses and he told her – if you aren’t hurting anyone, why stop? This band took the words of Chana’s song and rewrote them for camp:

If you want to be an athlete

And you’re not hurting anyone

You’re free to be the athlete that you please

From now until you’re done

Shine like the sun

And the song goes on in true camp style…if you want to be an artist, a mermaid, an actress….What a great message! Just be yourself – as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Be yourself.

The CADets sang another Chana Rothman song called We are One that focuses on Jewish peoplehood:

We are many under one sky

We are many under one sun

We are many reasons why

We are one

another generic band. (yes, lowercase with a period) played Peace Song by Sue Horowitz as they sang:

We will not wait for change.

Girls Rock performed the song (that is also the name of a band) Ahavat Hinam (Healing Song) that talks about overflowing, healing love instead of senseless hatred:

We can open our hearts

To what brings us together, not sets us apart

It was certainly a rocking evening with some really important messages slipped in there too. Isn’t that the best kind of learning?!

Rock on, my friends, rock on!



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I got the chance to have some longer conversations with a couple of Unit B campers who started their very first year at camp this past Sunday! They both agreed that coming to camp they were nervous and excited! Immediately their bunk mates were so welcoming, making posters and writing them letters and drawing pictures to leave on their beds when they came to move in! These campers were SO excited to start their stay off with Color Games and told me camp was their favorite place ever, after just the first day! And the next day when I checked in with them again, they told me they were only excited now and not nervous at all!!! I think it’s safe to say, we’re having the best summer yet!
 Casey – Unit Leader, Unit B
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