90 Second Story


Something new we started this year is the 90 Second Story. Assistant Director Stacy learned this great activity at a seminar she attended, and she has brought it to camp. It has been a big hit. Tonight Nicole, one of our counselors, shared her 90 Second Story……

L’dor vador. There is truly no other saying that can begin to preface the love and gratitude my family feels towards camp. It has been passed down from generation to generation to generation now onto me, my brothers, and my cousins. My family’s love affair with camp began back in the 1920s when my great grandfather began working as one of the original rabbis at Louise.

She goes on to tell her family’s story……

When my Zayde lost both his parents and became an orphan at the age of twelve, camp and the Straus Foundation continued to allow him to spend his summer at his favorite place.  They even went as far as to help him pay for medical school. He later returned to camp as a doctor, bringing with him his fiance, my Bubby, who spent her summers here working as a nurse.

Nicole’s grandparents, parents, siblings, and cousins all have a camp connection, and Nicole is so proud to continue that tradition. She was only four months old (see picture) when she first came to camp. As a camper in bunk 9, she duct taped herself to a pole because she did not want to leave camp at the end of the summer. Fast forward to 2014…..Nicole was a CIT (see picture of Nicole in the bright yellow) and now she is a second year counselor at Camp Louise, back in bunk 9 with campers of her own.

As Nicole got a little teary sharing her 90 Second Story, she ended with:

For me, camp is not just a place I go during the summer, a group of people I know, or my home away from home. Yes.  It is all of these things, but at the same time it is so much more. Camp is who I am and who my family is. This place has given me everyone I love and everything I have. It has taught me everything I know and has shown me how truly beautiful the world can be…. This is the place I come from. This is my home.

If you had 90 seconds to tell your story – what has brought you to this moment – what would you share? Think about it…….Try it…….Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?

And on that note…..have a good night!


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