Legally Blonde

What we accomplish here at camp in such a short time is truly incredible. I was really thinking about this the past two nights. Sunday and Monday this week are what we call crosstrips. Last night, Senior Camp and Trainees from both camps got together at Camp Louise to see our production of Legally Blonde. The same night, Junior Camp from both camps went to Airy to see Music Man, and tonight we flipped to see the other shows.


Live music, dancing, singing, acting, stage crew – all put together in less than three weeks. It’s pretty amazing! You could see the pride on the campers’ faces as they took their final bows while the audience cheered!


I spoke to some members of the cast of Legally Blonde this morning at breakfast to get their thoughts on the show. Some of these girls do theater at home, but it seemed like most do not. They talked to me about their experiences here at camp.


Some comments I heard:

Camp gives you a taste of theater.

It is really fun being in a camp show.

The cast is so nice and supportive.

It is a cool experience.

It feels good to be up on stage.

It’s a lot of work, but the payoff is incredible!

I had to miss activities but when I am up there performing, it is all worth it!

Being in the camp show made an impact on me.

I wanted to try something new and I had never been in a show before.

It felt awesome when the audience was cheering.


I also had a chance to catch up with one of the directors of Legally Blonde. She was beaming from ear to ear talking about how hard the cast and crew worked. She said that it was exciting and exhilarating to watch them go through the creative process together. She talked about how you could really see their growth from the first day jitters to opening night! There were campers who have never been in a show before and others who have and still others who do theater at home. What a great mix! She was so very proud of all of their hard work, and it definitely paid off. What a great show!


An amazing production in under three weeks….only at camp!


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