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As part of the leadership training program, our CITs (rising 12th graders) get to participate in a lot of terrific activities during the summer. Today, they were joined by 20 teens and 20 staff from Camp JCC Kochavim, a program for teens with disabilities who have aged out of the inclusion program at the Rockville JCC.  As a part of their program, the campers go on two trips each week, such as to a bowling alley, aquarium, comedy club, basketball game, out to a restaurant to eat, and today their trip was to Camp Louise. Coming here to work with our CITs gives the campers from Kochavim an opportunity to interact with peers other than the camp counselors they see every day.


Their day at Camp Louise started with icebreakers. The campers from Kochavim taught us some songs, such as Deep Inside My Heart, and our CITs taught one of our favorite songs Pizza Man. There was an impromptu talent show with singing, telling jokes, doing somersaults and a big dance party!


When I asked some of the campers from Kochavim what they thought about their day at Louise, there was a resounding AWESOME! One camper told me that she liked “seeing ladies who are my age.” They enjoyed the make your own trail mix snack time, too.


Our CITs had rave reviews of the day as well. They told me that the day was incredible! One CIT told me that one of the campers from Kochavim had a huge smile all day and even though she couldn’t talk, it was obvious how truly happy she was. This in turn made our CITs happy to share the day with them. Our CITs talked about how special the campers from Kochavim are, stating “They are so cool!” One CIT said that it was hard to put into words how amazing this experience was. She learned a lot and she talked about how important it is to learn and understand others.


As the campers from Kochavim boarded their bus to go back home, you could hear some of them singing Pizza Man. There were lots of hugs and many who wanted to stay and move in! Let me tell you – our CITs would have gladly made room in their bunk for them. In just one short day, connections were made!


And so the magic of Camp Louise reaches out far beyond 21719…..

Today’s Birthdays

Brooklyn – Bunk 19

Lillian – Bunk 21

Isabelle – Bunk 21

Arely – Dining Hall Food Service

Drew – ST counselor



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Today’s Weather

High: 86°F | Low: 70°F – There was a chance of rain all day but the skies remained dry and we had a great day here at camp!


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