Today, over 100 campers and staff participated in our New York experience.  The day began with an air conditioned bus ride.  When they arrived in New York, small groups of campers and staff walked around the Times Square area.  Some groups opted to participate in a scavenger hunt while others toured and enjoyed the sights (and shops) in NYC.

Everyone gathered at the New Amsterdam Theater for the matinee performance of Aladdin the Musical.  The campers reported that the show was amazing.  They were impressed with the talent of the actors, especially the Genie – calling him Genie-us!  When they were asked why they participate in this NY experience at camp, they explained that they love going to Broadway with their friends.  Some campers have been on the NY trip before, and they look forward to finding out in the winter what the show selections will be.  One camper even noted that she actually wasn’t looking forward to seeing the show.  She was excited about being with her friends in NY, but after seeing Aladdin – she totally fell in love with the show – and she is interested in seeing another musical in the future.  She definitely caught the Broadway Fever!  Another camper said that she has never been to NY before and it was just amazing being there.

And one of my favorite responses – Normally when I hang out with my friends, we get distracted by our phones.  Since we are at camp – and in NYC – I am not distracted by my phone and can focus on having a great time with my friends in New York City.

Another camper said that she and her friends live all over – and they usually only see each other to celebrate a camp friend’s Bat Mitzvah.  She loved that on the NYC trip she got to have shared experiences with her close friends in the real world.

The girls are on the road heading back to camp now.  We can’t wait to see them tomorrow and hear all about their experiences in the big city!



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