Mermaid of the Day

Here at camp, it’s a little bit magical when you walk through our gates. The air is a little cooler, people are a little happier. It’s incredible and a little bit hard to explain. Here’s an example…..A camper once told me “Mermaid training is way cooler than instructional swim.” Between you and me – it is pretty much the same, but to a kid – it’s very different.

At the pool, there is a program called Mermaid of the Day. Each morning during Mermaid Training, swim instructors can nominate campers from their group who demonstrated enthusiasm, cooperation, effort and spirit during Mermaid Training. All of the nominees get their name proudly displayed on the Mermaid Club Board at the pool.

In the afternoon during Free Swim, all of the campers in Junior Camp go to sides of the pool, the song Under the Sea is played, and all of the Mermaid of the Day nominees get announced to the entire group. The nominees then get to choose a prize from the Shore Store – assorted fish-themed items, such as stickers, koosh balls, light-up key chains, pens, stickers, mazes, and little games. There is a random drawing from all of the nominees to choose the Mermaid of the Day whose bunk then gets to take the Mermaid Chicken back to her bunk to spend the next 24 hours with them. The chickens are all decked out in a tiara and goggles (see picture).  Some of the bunks take the chicken to activities, read bedtime stories to her and feed her at meals. It’s a real treat!

Today’s Mermaid of the Day was Annie from bunk 17. Annie’s swim instructors told me that she had a really positive attitude and she had a phenomenal front crawl. She was enthusiastic and excited about being at the pool. I also spoke to Annie about her accomplishment. She proudly told me that she swims a lot and she loves it. She is actually on a swim team at home, but she really, really likes swim here at camp. It’s even more fun here because “you get to be a mermaid” and “when you are doing the butterfly, you get to be a dolphin!” Annie’s bunk chimed in, telling me that the slides are so awesome and so fun!

As our Swim Department Head says – It’s just fin-tistic here at the Camp Louise pool and everyone always has a whale of a time!

Swimmingly yours,


Today’s Birthdays

Lexi – CIT
Allison – Bunk 25
Samantha – Bunk 33



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High: 89°F | Low: 62°F – It was a little overcast this morning and we got a little drizzle.  Then, the sun came out and we had a glorious afternoon.


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