IMG_8381 One of the signature pieces that marks the end of a camper’s session at camp is his bunk picture. Even in our mostly digital age, walking away with the bunk picture, and hanging it in a meaningful place back home, lets campers literally hold onto a piece of camp in the non-camp season.

So what’s that have to do with the picture in today’s blog? What you see today is a group of CITs from 2013, still on staff in 2016, and holding their bunkmate – the victorious Airy Olympic General Harry from the Green team. Harry was a super Olympic general (so was Dom, from the White team). He truly embodied the “underdog” role that became his team’s theme – a group of characters from pop culture that were overlooked or counted out (Mulan, the Karate Kid, and others). In his brief victory speech, Harry shared that the campers in his own bunk admitted that they didn’t know who to root for, because they like Dom so much.

Back to the picture … Harry was at first a reluctant general. He did not crave the role that would thrust him into the spotlight. Being a Camp Airy Olympic General means that one-half of the camp looks to you for encouragement and enthusiasm and inspiration. Before Harry could provide that for others, he received it from … his 2013 bunkmates. These friends, traditionally referred to as “CIT Brothers,” supported Harry as he stepped out of his comfort zone.

It is heartwarming to know that the bonds of bunkmate friendship exist summers later, and extend campwide.

Thanks to all for a great Olympics, and a great first four weeks of the summer of 2016. Let’s do it again soon.


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