ODL Night


During dinner, in walks our Outdoor Living Department all dressed up as characters from Peter Pan – Wendy, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, pirates, fairies, and Lost Boys. They were here to tell us about tonight’s evening activity of Finding Neverland. Each bunk of “lost girls” found a map under their tables in the Dining Hall. This map took them on a journey through camp where they explored, learned skills (such as fire building and shelter building), and searched for hidden treasures. There were wet and muddy options for campers who wanted to get dirty. See photo for two campers who truly embraced the dirty option of tonight.

All of the stations were tied into the theme of Finding Neverland: Dead Man’s Cave, Crocodile Creek, Pan’s Shadow, The Darling House, Smee’s Cove, and Fairy Flying School – just to name a few. At the stations, the campers participated in many activities, such as some of the low elements of the ropes course, team building activities, and treasure hunts. Of course, they had to stop for a snack of Pixie Dust Popcorn – popcorn made on the open fire sprinkled with a little edible glitter and sparkles because you know….they have to leave a little sparkle wherever they go!

Our Rookie and Unit A campers spent their evening in the Mermaid’s Lagoon with the “lost boys” from Camp Airy who came over for an evening swim.

At the end of the night, the campers all returned to their bunks happy, some a little (or a lot) dirty and pleasantly tired from another full day of camp!

Until tomorrow…


Today’s Birthdays

Cameron – Bunk 22
Lyndsay – Bunk 15
Sophie – Bunk 27



Today’s Menu
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Today’s Weather

High: 85°F | Low: 56°F – It was another great day here at camp – sunny and a little breezy!  Perfect!


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