It is so hard to believe that our first session is done and today we welcomed our second session campers. Time sure is flying!

Assistant Director Jaci and I were tasked with assembling the most incredible team for Camp Louise 2019! Do we accept this mission? Watch the video to find out…..

We are so proud of our amazing leadership team who works hard every day to help our campers have a successful summer.

This is most definitely….MISSION POSSIBLE!

Here’s to a great 3 weeks!



Today’s Birthdays

Harper – Bunk 20

Katie – Bunk 22

Reagan – Bunk 22

Cameron – Bunk 33

Sophie – Bunk 15

Molly – Unit F Drama Counselor



Tonight before our Welcome Show, all of Senior Camp got together for a quick division meeting to go over a few rules, expectations, and to talk about privileges that come from being in Senior Camp.  I got there early, and I had the pleasure of getting to step back and watch as the bunks came in and waited for the rest of the division to arrive.  And as I watched, I was struck by how even “waiting time” is not wasted time at camp.  The girls were singing, playing games, doing hand claps, laughing with one another, and making bracelets as a bunk.  As I walked around, I was drawn into each group, and I could truly see that when you are with friends, there is no such thing as wasted time.  Each bunk, each small group, used the time with purpose and intention, and the joy and friendship contributed to a vibrant Senior Camp community.  As I looked around, I was proud of our community for choosing to use the time they had for fun, which is what camp is all about!

Sara – Senior Camp Division Head
Today’s Menu


Lunch, Dinner
Chicken Tenders | Curly Fries | Corn | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar, Lasagna | Mozzarella Sticks | Breadsticks | Zucchini & Squash | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar


Today’s Weather

High: 83°F | Low: 64°F – Sun and rain and then sun and then rain….cooling things off which was the best part!

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