“Blame it on the Rain!”

If anyone reading this blog actually knows that song reference circa 1990, good for you! Up here in Thurmont 28 years later, we were certainly aware of the rain and how it might disrupt our Opening Day of the session. You know what? It was barely a bump in the road. Thanks to the planning and work ethic of our Airy staff team, and the patience from parents and campers, it really was a smooth opening. With all luggage delivered and families dispersing from the mountain, it was time to play! Even with on-again, off-again rain, we would not be deterred.

Pizza bagels and curly fries – the signature opening day lunch at Camp Airy – is always a hit rain or shine. The CITs serenaded us with “Pizza Man” and we were ready to dive into camp. With the weather uncertainty, we modified the afternoon plan. While swimming had to be put on hold for another day, we pressed on with Parkour, Fun FactAiry, CulinAiry, Nature and Creative Arts. Campers also were (re)introduced to some rainy day regulars – gaga, musical chairs, dodgeball, card games, and bunk scavenger hunts. Some lucky breaks in the weather allowed for a few walks up and down the hill as well.

As evening rolled in along with another wave of rain, we bumped the opening show at the theater in favor of campwide Bingo night. It never ceases to amaze me how popular Bingo is – and to think it also started with a farmer who had a dog … Bingo callers Doug, Zac and Rachael shared the honors as campers and staff played a regular game, an edges-only game, and finally a four corners game. Winners walked away with camp swag, Gatorade and Pop Tarts.

To wrap up the evening, we followed songleader Shy’s direction for our Goodnight Song. Young and old, tall and small, everyone wrapped arms as they sang and swayed. It really is one of the coolest things we do – and it’s really a testament to how unique camp is. Our campers and staff can hoot and holler during Bingo as if they are in the stands at a hockey playoff game (go Caps!), and then switch gears a more serene activity.

Looking forward to Tuesday,


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