Today was the official American Camp Association (ACA) Kindness Day! Camps all across the country (and even the world) were asked to highlight intentional acts of kindness that are focused on each and every day.

We take this responsibility very seriously and we talked a lot about kindness. During meals, we showed slides of kindness quotes and we played songs.

Gill, our Multimedia Department Head, even made this video to highlight some of our campers and staff as they show kindness:

Campers and staff were encouraged to fill out slips of paper and give them to their friends or even mail them to family members at home:

I really appreciate you when…

I look forward to seeing you because…

I know I can count on you when…

I am impressed by the way you…

I really like your personality because…

Taking a day to truly focus on kindness impacts us all in such a positive and meaningful way, and I am confident that this will continue throughout our time at camp and carry on at home too.

Kindness is contagious! Spread some today!



Today’s Birthdays

Amy – Unit B Farming Counselor



Happy World Kindness Day everyone! Today, the CAs had their first full day of activities. We all went to ropes course and spent our afternoon on the low ropes section. This is all about team building, and the CAs truly worked as a team today. They were all cheering for their peers, and encouraging their friends who were nervous about one of the elements. One CA did not want to complete one of the elements as she was very nervous, and the entire group supported her. After a few minutes, she agreed to try and was very successful! She just needed a few kind words from her CA sisters. Sometimes it is the little things that can make someone’s day!
Jill – CA Unit Leader
Today’s Menu


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Waffles | Strawberry Topping | Scrambled Eggs | Oranges, Grilled Cheese | Tomato Soup | Goldfish | Tater Tots | Broccoli | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar, Hot Dogs | Hamburgers | Corn on the Cob | Lettuce Tomato Onion | Potato Salad | Cucumber Salad | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar


Today’s Weather

High: 74°F | Low: 60°F – A sweatshirt morning followed by a sunny but cooler day!

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