As I talked about in my blog back on June 25th, our theme for the summer is What’s Your Story? Every single one of us has a story that brought us to this moment.

For some of us, we are midway through our summer stories. For our 5 and 7 week campers, they may be a few chapters into their stories – excited to see old friends and meet new ones after a couple of days spent at home. For many of our 3 week campers, this summer is yet another volume in a long series of their camp stories – since they have probably been counting down the days since they left Cascade, Maryland last summer. For some of our 3 week campers and for all of our Rookie Campers, it is the very first page of their Camp Louise story!

Whichever chapter, page, or book we are all on – our stories will have a common theme…one which we will create together this summer. And that starts today, as families arrived at camp early this morning and walked up the hill – whether it was their first time or their 11th!

We cannot wait to write the next chapter of the story together! It will be exciting to see the characters we meet and the plot that unfolds.

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