DSC_0059Every Saturday morning, we gather in Solarium for services. Campers and staff participate together as we are led by our CIT choir and Rabbi Elissa. During Shabbat, there is a great sense of community. The number of campers who volunteer to lead prayers during services is amazing. One of the highlights of services is when our Shlichim (Israeli staff) perform a skit that relates the Torah portion of the week to camp. They are always creative and funny and very relevant.

This week’s Torah portion related to some challenges that the ancient Israelites had to face. They did not believe that they could do what was being asked of them.

Our Shlichim related to this camp by having a “camper” talk about her desire but nervousness to go on the Adventure Park. She had an angel and devil type experience with people telling her – yes, you can do it and no, you cannot. She had to decide which one to listen to and she chose…..the one who was encouraging.

The other Shlichim became the Adventure Park, with ropes and all. The camper climbed up and accomplished the task. She was so proud of herself.

Rabbi Elissa talked about listening to the voice of someone who you care about and who cares about you – a counselor, campers, other staff members. Camp is all about having the courage to try new things. It is a safe, supportive environment where you can take risks – try new activities, sing on stage, taste a new food, make a new friend. With the encouragement of others and a little bit of bravery, you can do it!

What an amazing lesson to learn at camp! We can all take that advice and apply it to our lives, I am sure. I know I can.

Shabbat Shalom,


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