DSC_0320 As if free swim at Camp Airy wasn’t already uber-popular, Log Rolling is now a featured attraction. Why Log Rolling? Well that’s a good story. I was exploring the exhibit area at the American Camping Association conference in March. This walk-around is the equivalent of grocery shopping when you are hungry. Instead of getting the items on your list, your eyes get wide and by the time you get to check out, you cart is full and you are shocked by number of bags you are wheeling to your car.

So I’m strolling around with several of my Airy and Louise colleagues – being mindful of my budget and fighting temptation to buy one of everything! And the vendors are giving us their best – samples and pamphlets and special show pricing on almost anything. I am mainly focused on the snacks that are being handed out, when suddenly we encountered an HUGE red log standing high in the air. Standing next to the giant log were two (comparatively) small people – a father and daughter duo from Minnesota. They were part of a family of champion log rollers.

So we got to talking, because how often do you meet a family of champion log rollers? I picked up a brochure, and watched their video, and began to daydream about that red log in the Airy pool. Bringing the log to camp would truly fit Airy and what we are about. Airy is about fun. Airy is about trying new things. Airy is about tackling a new challenge. Airy is about acquiring a new skill. Airy is about sharing experiences as a community. I texted Sybil, our swim department head – she must know about this! I craned my neck around to find Alicia and Jonathan – they must see this! Minutes later – SOLD!

When I look at this picture of an Airy camper battling the log in the pool, I notice several things. I see him actively engaged in the challenge. I see a young man who is taking a risk and trying something new. I see the smile on his face. The picture reminds me of one more thought I had about the log back at the conference – we will all share a laugh, and exclaim “whoa,” when a bunkmate goes from perfectly balanced on the log, to a tad wobbly, to the fast Flintstone feet, and then SPLASH! I need to get myself down to the log before I run out of summer.


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