2L Sundae Sunday

Week #6 started out in a very tasty way. It was Sundae Sunday!

A little back story…..last session, one of our Evening Activities was Shark Tank. Each bunk presented an idea to their Unit Leader, a Department Head, and their whole unit of campers. One bunk “won” from each unit and the winners then pitched their ideas to our judges in front of the whole camp. It was a great night filled with lots of fun ideas. You can check out the video of the night and see all the great pitches at:


For our current camp families, you can also log into your Camp In Touch account and check out the photos from the Evening Activity on July 5th.

Many of the ideas were quite incredible, and we are going to follow up on them after camp. The CAs presented Revamp Camp to beautify our existing spaces. Bunk 5 in Unit F presented Bed Bins and the CITs talked about the BELF (bunkbed shelf). This idea discussed the benefits of providing a shelf for the top bunk. We definitely have some future entrepreneurs on our hands here at camp.

But the one winner whose idea we put into action right away was Bunk 21 from Unit E who pitched the idea for Sundae Sunday!

Once each long session, the campers and staff received a Sunday treat of make-your-own ice cream sundaes. This was a big hit at camp! I spoke with some campers today who were really excited about this special breakfast. They thought it was really awesome and a fantastic surprise on a hot day. One bunk I spoke to had gone for a run this morning and was happy to hear about breakfast when they returned from their morning jaunt. One camper told me that today forced her to have extra good oral hygiene because she brushed her teeth before breakfast and then after as well!

In addition to this crazy camp treat, there were other things to choose from as well for breakfast – waffles, fruit (pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew as well as our everyday plums, bananas, and apples), scrambled eggs, toast, cereal and oatmeal. Lots of choices all-around!

It’s not your everyday breakfast, but it’s camp and it’s fun!

Off to tonight’s Evening Activity with Jewish rock musician Rick Recht.

Until tomorrow….


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Another NO bday day.  Happy UN-Birthday to all of the campers who have birthdays not at camp!



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