Who Can You Squeeze Today?


This picture makes me smile – just seeing the pure joy on these counselors’ faces…how can you not?

I love these pictures that tell a story, so I did a little investigating about what was happening right before the photo was snapped…

Rookie Camp and Unit A (rising 2nd – 4th graders) got together to cool off and have fun for this activity planned by the amazing Unit Leader of A – whose birthday happens to be today!

The campers were given different scenarios and they had to dip a sponge in a bucket of water and squeeze some water on a friend who matches the description:


-on someone that you are happy is in your bunk this year

-on someone you are excited to get to know better

-on someone that is new in your bunk this year

-on someone you think is really funny

-on someone you think is really talented

-on someone you think is a good friend

-on someone who sleeps on your side of the bunk

-on someone you think will be a good counselor or CIT one day

-on someone you are happy you met this year

The activity was so much fun and the campers truly had a blast. At the end, one of the counselors took the squeezing to a whole other level (as you can see in the picture).

So, think about everyone in your life. Who can you “squeeze” today?



Today’s Birthdays

Izabella – Bunk 29
Emily – Unit Leader A


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