“Surfin’ USA”

A walkie-talkie exchange between camp directors Alicia and Marty during the July 27 Airy-Louise carnival hosted by Camp Louise:

A: WHALE-come to Camp Louise’s Beach Carnival! The TIDAL of the event is Beach Party!

M: What a great oppor-TUNA-ty to see siblings and friends tonight!

A: The PORPOISE of the night is to socialize with each other and have a really fun time!

M: It SANDS shivers down my spine to see everyone having so much fun!

A: The trainees are having a fun SHELL-ebration for their Very Important Trainee event.

M: The games are FIN-tastic!

A: The girls and BUOYS are dancing the night away!

M: My head is SWIMMING from all of the excitement.

A: It is an out-RAY-geous evening!

M: We are DOLPHIN-itely having a blast!

A: The pictures from tonight are worth a thou-SAND words!

M: It SHORE was is to see you at the Beach Carnival tonight!

Marty and Alicia

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