e5d7fc10-e9e1-4c7d-b0bc-078f93c778d7 There are definitely some signature events that mark a session or a summer at Airy. Right atop the list is one of my personal favorites, “Make Your Own Sundaes.” Make no mistake – an ice cream party for 500 people is a logistical and confectionary undertaking. Let’s go behind the scenes and see how it all comes together.

The process begins in Baltimore, as we are creating Airy’s master calendar in the off season. This is the trick – where is there a day on the calendar where all of the boys are all in camp, and where there isn’t already a special event happening? After some careful calendar combing, we found a date nestled between the Trainee Overnights, the Air-Lou Nights Out, the Rick Recht Concert, and Rookie departure / arrival.

Next on the MYOS planning sheet – product. Somehow, Airy’s Chef Johnnie and Food Maven Karen use an abacus or super computer to come up with the proper amount of ice cream and toppings to purchase. At one point, I heard that there might have been an excess of M&M’s. My cabin is a great place to store the extras. Anyway, our food deliveries and Sam’s Club trips were synchronized, and all required items were on property.

Now the hard part – labor. It’s not what you think … at Airy, there are always folks willing to help and pitch in. But on Make Your Own Sundaes nights, there are TOO MANY volunteers. It seems like all staff, as well as trainees, want a turn behind the ice cream service table to scoop and top the campers’ bowls of ice cream. Sprinkles, whipped cream, M&M’s, and rivers of chocolate and caramel syrup begin to decorate blank canvases of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. It’s artistry.

The best part? Eating the finished product. As today’s picture indicates, a DELICIOUS time was had by all.


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