With a Little Help From My Friends
The campers in today’s blog picture are in Unit C. This means, hopefully, that they will be in the CIT class of 2025. I was a Camp Airy CIT in 1991. I’m not a mathematician, but that’s a lot of years ago. I don’t feel that old. My daughter will be a Camp Louise CIT in 2021. NOW I feel old.

I’m biased, but I think camp friends make the best friends. There are lots of reasons why. Camp is the best place to grow up – it’s where young people have a chance to figure stuff out and overcome obstacles. So when a camper reaches a milestone – trying a new food, passing a deepwater test, finally hitting a line drive over the outfield fence, and sleeping out in a tent for the first time are just a few – he is surrounded by a cheering section. This is where stories are formed and nicknames are hatched. For summers to come, and maybe even decades too, these shared Airy experiences become indelible. They are connections that will last a lifetime.

Forgive me for kvelling a bit more, but something that gives me a tremendous sense of pride is when my camp friends from all those years ago send their children to camp. There are lots of camp choices out there, far more than when I went to camp. These parents cherish their camp friendships, and want to provide the same opportunity for their own children. It’s so much easier in today’s world to keep in touch with a camp friend. Anyone remember waiting until after 9pm to make a long distance call at lower per minute rates? Technology has made the concept of long distance obsolete. A camper can see a bunkmate’s face (or avatar) in dozens of online options.

* Shameless plug – all campers are invited to take part in Airy Fantasy Football this upcoming season. Stay tuned for details.

Keep an eye on this blog space – I hope to recreate this same picture for these boys as Airy CITs, staffers, college roommates, and groomsmen in weddings.


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