“On the Road Again”
Camp was empty today. That would usually make us sad camp Directors. But not today … all of our camp units were off on their Air-Lou trips. Here’s the rundown, each with a specially chosen theme song:

Rookies – Catoctin Wildlife Preserve – “If I could talk to the animals”

Unit A – Skyzone – “Learning to Fly”

Unit B – Bowling at Sunshine Lanes – “Roll With It”

Unit C – Ice Skating at Skate Frederick – “Cold As Ice”

Unit D – Chambersburg Aquatic Center – “Splish Splash”

Unit E – Roller Skating at Turner Skate Palace – “Let the Good Times Roll”

Unit F – Bowling at Thunderhead Bowl – “Roll Over Beethoven”

And then there are the Trainee Overnights! In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll talk about those trips and tell a cool story about the CIT trip.

Alicia and Marty


Today’s Airy & Louise Birthdays

Matt – staff
Stephen – staff
Jess – staff


Today’s Louise Menu

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
French Toast | Scrambled Eggs | Honeydew, Grilled Cheese | Tomato Soup | Goldfish | Fries | Broccoli | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar, Soy Tacos | Shredded Lettuce Onions Tomatoes | Cheese | Salsa | Guacamole | Rice | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar

Today’s Airy Menu

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Egg McAiry | Veggie Sausage | Cereal | Fruit | Yogurt , Mac N Cheese | Egg Salad | Tuna Salad | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar | S’Mores Pies , WING NITE | Tater Tots | Carrot Sticks | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar

Today’s Airy & Louise Weather

High: 91°F | Low: 70°F – Sunny and warm, then some rain, and then a dry night.


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