Week 6 Shabbat


Our Middah of the Week program continues this week with the middah (value) of sportsmanship/humility (anavut). In our Daily – the newspaper that is distributed every morning at breakfast, there is always a featured section that discusses the middah. Each week, we focus on a different value and during the week, we discuss different ways that we can demonstrate that middah. Some of my favorite discussion points about patience this week were:

One of the most important ways to be humble is to admit something you don’t know by asking someone who does know. Often “show-offs” are trying to feel good about themselves by displaying what they do know because there’s other stuff they don’t know. Today, try showing anavah by asking someone to teach you something they know.

Rabbi Menachem Mendl Lefin of Satanov said, “Always seek to learn wisdom from everyone, to recognize your failings and correct them. In doing so, you will learn to stop thinking about your virtues and you will take your mind off your friend’s faults.”

During the week, campers and staff are nominated to light candles with me during our Shabbat services on Friday night because they have demonstrated the Middah of the Week. This week, the people who were chosen to light the candles proudly stood with me in Solarium as we lit the Shabbat candles together.

Some of the reasons these people were nominated to light the candles with me include:

Always volunteering to help out with other people’s jobs for bunk inspection

Helping to clean up in the Dining Hall even when it isn’t her mess

Always sharing everything that she has with others

Actively involving everyone in the bunk

Congratulating others who made the Talent Show even though she did not

Encouraging peers to work hard and give back, even when it was hot and tough and sweaty and frustrating

Always nice, helpful, and a good sport!

Cheered up a bunkmate during trip to ice-skating

Always supportive to every member of the bunk

Always looking out for everyone

After our beautiful services in Solarium, the nominees lit a torch with the flame of the candles from Solarium to carry the light from our services into the Dining Hall. They then carried the torch with them, leading the entire camp to dinner. As they entered the Dining Hall, they lit the candelabra with the light from our Shabbat candles. We enjoyed a delicious Shabbat dinner and we ended the meal by singing Birkat and Days Pass (a Camp Louise favorite).

On this Shabbat, here’s wishing everyone a time of reflection and peace and a little bit of humility (anavut).
Shabbat Shalom,


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Stephanie – Bunk 36
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High: 88°F | Low: 65°F – It was a beautiful day at camp!


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