“Dig If You Will A Picture”
(Special thanks to Prince for the assist with today’s song lyric inspired blog title)

In a given day at Camp Airy, there are so many picture-worthy moments that our photographers scramble to capture. Uphill and down, day and night, rain or shine. Writing the director’s blog is truly a pleasure when so great images are presented as inspiration.

Today is no exception.

The counselor and camper in this picture are at a Nature activity intently examining an artifact in the Earth Lodge. The counselor is a model of teaching, engagement and passion. The camper’s face says it all – he is amazed by what the counselor has demonstrated. There is a connection between the counselor and camper. These same connections can be seen all over camp, all of the time. In basketball clinic. During a guitar lesson. At swim instruction. During rehearsal for the musical. While walking the hill. And many more places.

The staff we bring to camp strive on a daily basis to make connections with campers. It is great for staff to be highly skilled and trained in a specific activity area. What’s more important is how the staff take care of the campers, and each other. The values that we emphasize weekly – such as hospitality, teamwork, friendship and kindness – are the determining factors between a camper who comes to camp, and a camper who becomes a lifer; between a camp staff member, and a camp difference maker.

What a great way to describe and celebrate the last full day of our first session. Friday will be bittersweet – saying goodbye to two-weekers, continuing on with our four and seven-weekers, and getting ready to welcome in another group of campers on Sunday. We’re excited to make those connections.


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