Israel Night

Tonight was Israeli Night at Camp Louise. At dinner, the Israeli staff introduced the night by singing Let it Be in Hebrew. It was a beautiful way to start our evening. Our 10 Shlichim planned a fun and informative Journey Around Israel. The campers traveled to different places in Israel and participated in a whole bunch of really great activities. To name some:

Eilat – playing a water balloon game

Be’er Sheva – going through an obstacle course while dressed in army gear

Jerusalem – writing letters to lone soldiers and writing wishes for the Kotel

Safed – cutting snowflakes with Jewish stars in the middle

Tel Aviv – writing on a graffiti wall

Kibbutz – playing a crazy game of tying a string with a candle on the end around your waist and having to get the candle into a 2 liter bottle without using your hands – think hard core squats!

Haifa – playing a game around a map about the land and sea (see picture)

Rishon Le Zion – playing a game of bucket brigade with grape juice since it is the City of Wine

Dead Sea – playing a game called Salty Fish
And of course always a Camp Louise favorite – Israeli folkdancing!

It is so great to see our Israeli staff plan this incredible night. I think back to April when I went to Israel for a Training Seminar with our Shlichim. It’s hard to believe that was just 2 months ago and now here they are planning an amazing and memorable night for over 500 people. How lucky we are to have them as such an important part of our camp community!

Lilah Tov,


Today’s Birthdays

None!  Can you believe it?  So we took this opportunity to do a big Happy Un-Birthday to everyone who celebrates their birthdays not during camp.  It was great. Everyone sang, shouted out their own name, and danced around. What a fun lunch!



Today’s Menu
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Today’s Weather

High: 75°F | Low: 66°F – The weather couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to do today.  It was drizzling and then the sun was shining.  It poured when we were at dinner but cleared up as soon as we were done.  All in all – another great day at camp!


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