Jewish Chicks Rock at Camp Louise!


Back by popular demand, we are in our 6th summer of Jewish Chicks Rock and this summer we have more Jewish Chick Rockers than ever before (see picture)!

This afternoon, I caught up with Naomi Less, founder of Jewish Chicks Rock and bandleader of The Naomi Less Band. This year, Naomi wanted to “kick it up a notch.” One of her goals was to encourage more campers to take risks and try out new instruments this summer. She wanted to mix up the bands and have younger girls working with older ones. As they rehearsed during the week, it was so great to see the younger girls being inspired by the older ones and the older ones acting as role models for the younger ones.
Each year, there is a different musical theme for Jewish Chicks Rock. This summer, they dove deep into the archives of Camp Louise – taking old songs and bringing a fresh, young perspective to them, all while teaching some of camp’s rich history.

Naomi explained that “Like anything in Judaism, each generation has to wrestle and grapple and make it their own.”
Naomi quoted Rabbi Kook, the first Ashkenazik Chief Rabbi in Israel, who said:  “The old will become renewed and the new will be sacred.”

Here at Camp Louise, we are doing our part!

For all of you who know some of the oldies but goodies, these songs may sound familiar to you – with a slight twist. Get ready to sing along and rock out……..The opening staff band act sang Playground Fun and the amazing camper bands performed: We Welcome You To Camp Louise, We Got A Camp Louise, Corkin’ Place, and S’Ida Wore ‘Em.

Rock on!



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